Honour His Presence

This morning I woke up with a real spring in my step. I headed out for a run. This time I chose not to take my phone as I’ve realised lately how much I depend on it.
Instead I took my water bottle and key! I decided I wanted to be in the moment and Honour God’s presence again.

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every step and every view. (I have no pictures to show you as I didn’t have a means of taking a photo! However the feelings that I felt were the most important part of my journey!) The sense of freedom I experienced was amazing. I truly felt I was in the moment. Nearing towards the end of my run and the laps I did around the lake by the beach, I started to head back towards my favourite beach. On route I started to think about some personal dreams of mine. As that night I had had a dream of me dreaming something and then the next day that exact dream happening! So this encouraged me to believe again…
So like a child (I faced fears of disappointments) I started to dream! Simple dreams and big ones! A few being:

To horse ride with some friends.
To go on a boat and watch fireworks.
To have a close boy friend.
To get my art into Liberty London.
To see beauty come from the ashes.
Have a flower crown made for me.
To sell yellow jumpers on behalf of a charity.
To travel with my closest friends.
Paint the walls at gylly – as my ‘Mark on history’!

Whilst I was dreaming I had two dead dandelions in my hands. One dreaming to look after my body and get into shape and the other for all the other dreams.
Whilst I was at gylly, I was struck by the artwork on the walls and how recently it’s been increasing and getting more and more dark. I prayed over the space and started to declare over it that that “CROSS STANDS ABOVE IT ALL, burning bright in this life”. As I looked out over the rocks and declared who my God is I suddenly saw seas of people listening. And God telling me “your public platform comes from who you are in private”. That precious moment felt really big for me. That no matter how many people are there or are not there, I will know WHO my God is and will declare the truth of it till my days are over!

After my run I started to walk to church (Harbour) with my two roses, a dandelion and a feather in my hand! I spotted a friend in the bar on the way in and stopped to chat.
Then another friend spotted us. I felt the yellow rose was for one of them and the feather was for the other. She turned to me and said “do you know I love collecting small objects”. I thought “no I didn’t, but God obviously did!“.

Church was absolutely amazing. I felt so so free.
On the screen before worship started were:
“If you saw yourself through the eyes of God, then you would worship very differently”
I was amazed by that and completely agree. So during worship I really felt as if Jesus was all I wanted. As on my run I’d been realising that really NOTHING else SATISFIES. NOTHING. I thought if my dreams came true, or I had a certain friend or visited a certain place. Yet nothing would ever fill the gap. I spoke my realisations out loud as I walked the coastal path. Blown by the wind and realising God is the only thing that SATISFIES COMPLETELY!

My water bottle was by the company “ONE”. Which too reminded me – He is the only ONE that satisfies, and meets my thirst! What a beautiful truth.

During worship I got such a strong sense of his presence during the song “The Lion and and Lamb”. The words “His blood breaks the chains” kept going through my mind and I really believed God was wanting to say something more about this.

There’s an amazing verse in the Bible that says: there are two things the enemy can’t touch – the blood of Jesus and the power of your testimony.
I really felt God wanted to encourage us all that His blood can break the chains and that the areas where we feel we keep going wrong he wants to help us in. Because where we have our biggest battles will come our biggest breakthroughs! So instead of shame we can just see him in those areas.

I was reminded of a time when I was getting on my bike, when almost immediately my chain fell off. At the time it felt frustrating, yet later my friend encouraged my he felt that moment was prophetic and that God was wanting chains to fall off!
Wow, in that moment that felt like it was holding me up, actually became a beautiful picture of hope and humility – as he helped me put it back on before we journeyed on!

SO may today be a day that your chains fall off.
Chains of addictions, hurts, fears….whatever it might be. Ask for Jesus help.



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