My Birthday

Times press on and times change.
Hope restored. Mind rearranged.
Amazing how life can be so fragile and weak. Yet there’s power in declaration as we begin to speak.

The mess is the beauty, so why do we hide.
These are moments that can’t be denied.
Hope and restoration all in His name.
Shackles are broken and every bit of shame.

Break free child, break free my friend.
Call out his name, your heart he will mend.
Break free child, break free little one.
The battle isn’t yours. It’s already been won.

Come out from hiding and into the light.
No need to be alone – together we’ll fight.
You are more than enough. Enough as you are.
Born to shine and bring beauty from your scars.

No fear child – we are calling to you.
This is your Time to experience breakthrough.
Your fears aren’t silly, so please feel you need to fear.
Just hold onto the Word – it’s as sharp as a spear!

Come out child from the hidden times.
This is your moment to let God shine.
Give him your questions and give him your doubt.
Don’t suppress anger. Let it all out.

Express. Don’t suppress.
Otherwise you’ll get depressed.
Express. Don’t suppress.
That really is best.

No matter the season. There will be a reason.
Hope comes in lots of forms.
Don’t always just look at the “norm”.

You were born to adventure and discover the way.
Don’t rely on others, or what they might say.
Ask your creator, even if you don’t believe.
Ask Him if he exists and ask to be able to see.

No doubt you have questions, struggles and ideas.
Beauty in the pains and even the fears.
Come on child let’s dance through it all.

As the moment my life changed was down on my knees.
That was the moment God set my life free!
Give him your heart. He knows what you need.
He’ll move mountains with faith as small as a seed!

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