Harbour. 13/11

The moment I walked in I felt a cascades of love.
A love indescribable. That can only come from above.
Hugs and embraces, smiles and truth.
In the maritime museum. Under one roof.

So astounded by this place, and by the people within
I was even more struck when all began to sing.
Rhythm from heaven and tunes in our hearts.
I suddenly became aware. I’m Gods work of art.

No need to fear and regret is not welcome with Him.
He brings healing, from deep within.
There were times I felt I was falling, and I was so hurt by it all.
Yet this just allowed me to realise – grace covers it all.

No depth that I cannot reach. No heart that I cannot feel.
Because from weakness and pain – it’s Jesus that heals.
No depth that I cannot go. No heart that I cannot know!
It’s my layers He is uncovering. Now it’s him that I really feel.

Thank you Jesus for providing Harbour as a safe place
To experience your love and experience your grace.
When all is falling apart and we’ve got nowhere else to go.
May it be to your presence that our hearts then fluidly flow!

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