What a father that comes into the mess. 
He doesn’t condemn. He just leads me to confess. 
His love so pure, so beautiful and So endless. 
No mistake makes him love me less. 
I’m chosen, I’m his and I’m enough as I am. 
Picked up in his arms. Like a little lamb. 
Remembered and never ever forgotten by Him. 
Over my life he begins to sing. 
What a maker. My beloved one. 
Who brings laughter and fun. 
He breaks my shackles and restore my heart 
He becomes that missing part. 
I long for something to satisfy this cry 
Something that won’t then run dry. 
I hear a knock, a whisper in my ear. 
Saying “my dearest child please don’t fear”
I’ll bring you out of the pit and place you can’t see from. 
Listen to your heart, create a new song. 
Cling to me. I will always hold on. 
From this weak time I’m Making you strong. 
Break free child, break free my friend.
Call out his name, your heart he will mend.
Break free child, break free little one.
The battle isn’t yours. It’s already been won.
Come out from hiding and into the light.
No need to be alone – together we’ll fight.
You are more than enough. Enough as you are.
Born to shine and bring beauty from your scars.
Child just believe. I will never ever leave you. 
I am longing for your breakthrough. 
I created you in the womb. I hear your heart cry. 
I’m not afraid of your questions saying WHY? 
Why? Why? Why? Why the pain? Why the tears? 
Why so many fears? Why why why? 
Why all those forgotten years? 
I hear you child. 
I’m holding you. 
I’m believing for something, something so new. 
I see you through and through. 

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