You are a GIFT (First day of Advent)

These next 24 days I have challenged myself to write about an inspirational theme each day. A friend challenged me this morning to receive a gift each day and then share that thought that I realise on my blog…

So to begin this series, I’m going to talk about: ‘seizing every opportunity’!
This morning I woke up and thought to myself about what I might write on this blog.  I couldn’t resist a run so quickly changed and ran outside. The air was frosty and gave me a bit of a chill! But on nearly turning back to go inside, I decided to embrace it and ran to Gylly beach. Half way there, I saw the tips of the clouds were rose tinted and knew it would be worth the trip, so I began to sprint down. Literally running to catch the light.

On arriving the sun had just come out from behind the clouds and shone with the most beautiful pink tones. In awe, I stood there pretty speechless at the sight.
Soon enough I heard a woman comment “isn’t that stunning, so upset I have nothing to capture it on”, with that I offered to send her the photo I had taken and we exchanged contact details.


The present really is a ‘gift‘ and worth seizing and sharing. This is something that through these next few days I would love to learn more about.
Recently I’ve been really inspired by a talk I heard on youtube where they mentioned something called the ‘5 second rule’ – to act on those thoughts we sometimes have within 5 seconds – and showed how much difference this can make. I can often result in procrastination, so this is a real challenge to myself to step beyond maybe not having everything set in stone, and learning to trust and let go of perfectionism and see what happens!

Cheers to the start of Advent!




Seize every second and opportunity,
Those are the moments you feel free.
No chains on you, just simplicity,
Freedom and life, and moments of creativity

Never stop chasing what means a lot to you.
Life may not be easy, but it’s worth it, it’s true.
Don’t hide away inside all day long,
Get out of the house – why not take a stroll?

Creation is the mark of beauty to the TEE!
Sunrises and sets are when I feel liberty!
It’s as if God has taken one huge brush,
With reds and yellows, and no sense of rush.

The beauty is inspiring, the water so calm
Beaches to me are like a healing balm.
The stresses fall off and I hear the sound of the waves
Filling me up when life feels like a concave!

This moment of beauty I have had to now share >
These pictures, almost make you feel like you’re there!






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