“Shine Bright” (Day 2)

img_8530So today I started the day with quite a lazy morning and a question of how best to plan the day ahead. Being a Friday I had planned in to go to the car boot sale (that I’ve been meaning to do for ages, but always putting it off!). However today I went for it!
I won’t lie, the turn out was truly poor but I met a lovely woman who was my neighbouring seller. She ended up gifting me with a fluorescent jumper.
This was truly amazing for me, as these last few weeks I’ve been thinking how much I would love a fluorescent jumper to be able to run at night in! And today I was gifted one! WOW.

This might seem like such a small thing, but this meant a huge amount to me.
How incredible that even before I know my own needs, God knew that.
Then all day I’ve been thinking about how invigorated I was after going and doing something that I’ve been meaning to do for SO long – and NOT procrastinating! Despite the outcome not maybe being so ‘successful’ in how I’d expected success, success came in a very different but beautiful way! And in focusing on that I can see a huge amount of character gained, life enjoyed and gifts received along the journey!

Bam! That’s it….there is a gift and satisfaction when we GO AND DO LIFE instead of letting things pass us by and avoid what we really want to do!

So this answers my question that I often think about: “When is a good time?”

Answer is = TODAY!


I challenge anyone reading this to go and do what you’ve been telling yourself for ages that you’d like to do….NOW IS THE TIME!

Time 2 Rhyme:

When is a good time to do what I wish?
To let go of the stress and allow my mind bliss?
When is the moment I will pursue my dreams?
To give up perfection, and “success” as it seems?

Why do I let so many things get in the way?
From stopping me accomplish what I plan for today?
When is the moment that I will stand up tall
Giving up on fears, but giving God my all?

A piece from today is that I learnt to “get up and do”
Because all that is needed is for “You to be YOU”.
Get over the doubts and the fears of not being enough.
Life is for living, it’s more than that stuff!

So go and shine, in your fluorescent jacket!
Knowing you’re not made for a box and would break any packet!
So embrace the battles and lies that might come.
Speak out the truth, you have already WON!

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