Friendship and GRACE! (Day 3)

Sometimes I just feel like I’ve lost the battle, like I have failed, and haven’t reached the bar?! But what is that “bar” that I’m reaching for?

Today I was taken back to the basics about “Grace” – It’s a gift. We all fail, make mistakes and trip up, but grace is an undeserved, freely given GIFT!
This receiving and giving exercise is making me realise the importance of being able to openly hearted receive the best gift I can EVER be given – GRACE!

What a treasure and an undeniably priceless gift. No one and nothing can offer such a beautiful thing to me. THANK YOU Jesus for GRACE.
I’m so thankful for this never ending truth that I am constantly made new, forgiven and FREE by my bestest friend and King.

While listening to this song below I’m in awe that love captures our hearts, rejuvenates our souls and takes us back to who we were made to be.




Grace overflows like a foundation of life.
Peeling back hurt and replacing any strife
Grace is a gift, not something I deserve,
Life isn’t a rehearsal, I don’t need a reserve.

But embrace this moment, Embrace it all,
Don’t worry when you ‘fail‘ or fall.
As grace knows no bounds,
In the weakest times, this truth is found.

Come on, lay it every burden and weight down,
Instead carry a feather and pick up your crown.
You are a child of the King of Kings,
Over YOU He sings!
Can you hear it, His anthem to you.
Let His grace make you NEW!

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