thumb_img_6553_1024There is something beautiful that happens when you do what you love to do!
Whatever that might look like, I find it’s so important to give myself time to let myself do that each and every day, even if it’s just for a fraction of time.

Time is what we make of it.

Each moment is a gift…called the “present” for a reason! I’m realising more and more, it really is a GIFT. All day I’ve been thinking: What does it look like to receive good things?

Time for a Rhyme!:

What does it look like to receive a gift? 
To then open my heart and allow it to lift. 
Lift my spirits and how I view life. 
To give me a new perspective and not turn to strife. 
A gift could really change things through and through. 
Received and loved. It could even change you. 
That one little thing could rearrange our heart. 
Because it makes us whole. It’s the missing part. 
But what does it look like to let go of what means a lot? 
To not get weighed down by what should have been or not? 
But gifts aren’t gifts if they don’t cost. 
Trusting there’s enough and that we are never lost. 
Freely receive and then freely give 
Let that be the way in which you live. 
Freely receive and freely give. 
This is the way God encourages us to live. 
Does it makes sense or fit to our schemes? 
Is that the message that fits the theme?  
What is christmas all about?…
…The greatest GIFT without a shadow of a doubt!
If I can’t receive little gifts of earth, HOW will I be able to receive my KING?

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