Productivity & REST! (Day 5)

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I don’t feel I have a huge amount to say – other than it’s weird to me how some days fly by and I feel like nothing gets done, where as some days feel steady and as if time is being slow for me, with lots of productivity! Why is that?
Well whatever the answer, today was the slow but productive day. Despite winter hours, the hours felt stretched out. I felt a deep assurance and peace in what I was doing at each moment. I am so thankful for that.

It’s amazing how miracles really do happen when you believe for them – in the small things!Looking out for those unexpected moments. And when you refocus your priorities and enjoy each moment, it’s as if time is stretched out.  Following on from time being a gift….I really felt it was a true gift today.

Another point I need to constantly remind myself is that REST IS SO IMPORTANT. Whether it is about rest in the present, rest at night, rest in your heart or resting in the moment. Each one is as important as the other.


REST IS BEST, It will make you free.
REST IS BEST, it increases productivity!

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