Honesty is a GOOD gift (Day 7)



From start to finish today has felt like a push and gift all at the same time. A struggle, but also a joy. I’ve felt really tired and worn out. My body has been slow and aching and not able to do things I usually find easy to do. But I guess it’s teaching me to pace myself and be gentle on myself, as deadlines tomorrow has caused a little less sleep than normal!

Each moment I’ve been learning to trust into Gods hands and believe that things will work out well and on time. Some wonderful news and my gift for today, was getting a positive emailed response to a request I had lately.  Hearing them reply positively made me realise the beauty of prayer and giving God my desires and then the willingness to let those go and trust Him.


I’m realising more and more that peace doesn’t come when we feel in control of life.

It’s the opposite. Peace actually comes when we believe enough to “let go” and trust that the right things will come to pass. I don’t mean be passive. But I mean to realise your desires pursue them whole heartedly but also remain in a place where you know and trust that who you are is not defined in what you do, say or believe. But it is found in your Maker. Who is unchanging and has an eternal grace and supernatural love for you. A love that no one else could even begin to express to you. A love that will set your life free.

So thank you Jesus today for showing me the beauty of trust and letting go and seeing what you do when I ask for big things trusting that you’re a good Father and more than able to provide.

Good gifts, Time2Rhyme:

Jesus you’re a good gift giver
Your faithfulness will never wither.
You champion and you provide.
You give me courage not to hide.

You teach me to be strong.
You help me when I’m wrong.
You give me wisdom in the fight.
And peace during storms and night.

You never leave my side.
Your love is so deep and wide.
I’m encompassed by you now.
I’m listening and expecting for something, somehow!

I trust you father and my friend.
To you its my love I’ll always send!
You’re a wonder and a truth bringer.
Carved out of my heart you make me singer.

Trusting and letting go.
As you’re the God I want to know.
A GOOD gift giver.
This with never ever wither.

I feel so honoured to know you.
And to learn each day about what’s true.
Because truth is such a beautiful thing.
Bringing freedom right from within.

Thank you! Thank you. Thank you!
That you always pursue.
You never give up.
You love me through and through.

(This picture below I captured a couple of months ago. It was such a precious moment of seeing in reality what it looks like to find such fun in jumping freely into the Fathers safe hands!)


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