Simple Abundance (Day 8)

“Gifts can change a life, even a gift as small as a smile!” – Jessica Wilmot

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get fearful of letting go of things in case I am left lacking. Sounds almost embarrassing to admit to. But I just did!
However recently I’ve been really struck by the importance of letting things go and in these last few days, during this giving and receiving challenge, I’ve been touched to see that God really DOES know my needs, more than I know them myself.

I have also been really intrigued, as Christmas draws closer, that there is so much junk that surrounds Christmas. Things that have NO relevance to what it’s all about, and yet have somehow become the focus. In coming to know Jesus more and more, I see that HE is the BEST gift we could ever receive. I shared the other day, that if we can’t receive little gifts on earth, how will we be able to receive our King!?

It’s so fundamental to be able to trust, trust that THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Trust and be thankful in the present.

Today I was so touched to receive a bag of clothing from some friends. The way they were clearing out and de-cluttering really inspired me and once I arrived home I thought I needed to do the same. STUFF can really clutter out our lives and minds. The more I realised I have, the more I realised that a SIMPLE life is a wealthy life.

I think when I was honest with myself I realised that sometimes I can hold onto things and possessions in fear of really believing that ‘just me’ is enough. But today I faced my fears and de-cluttered. I am reaching for a simple and spacious life. One where I am not holding onto so many things, that I can’t even carry. But instead just holding onto what is important to me and letting go of the rest.

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting”. – Princess Elizabeth, Asquith Bibesco.

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