Gratitude (day 9)

A thank you, seems so simple, yet appreciating the smallest details can make such a difference.

I am so thankful for the friendships in my life that make me an even better ‘me‘. The people that encourage and uplift me and always are willing to say the truth in any situation. Today I was amazed and blessed by a few simple ‘thank yous’ that people said about some very small details of the day. It was amazing to feel appreciated and honoured. Last night I was also just writing some thank you cards to people and I realised how many people in my life that I am thankful for. It was such a peaceful and amazing time of realising how TRULY thankful I am.

Thankfulness brings contentment and in contentment lies peace.
Thankfulness also brings joy, as it focuses our minds on what we have and not what we don’t. A thankful heart will never grumble!

So thank you for life, friendships, and gratefulness. What would we be without thankfulness?



Think of one small way you could show your appreciation this next week to someone that you treasure and that you don’t think knows that you do!?
And see how that blesses them!


Don’t underestimate.
Be thankful, don’t look down.
Hold your head up,
Wear your crown…

NO fear, just trust,
It’s a must.
NO FEAR, just trust!

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