Hospitality (Day 10)

img_9187img_9132So thankful to my friends for being so incredibly special to me. I now realise that life is so so precious and we never know what might happen tomorrow. Leaving Falmouth for Christmas proved to be emotional, but also a beautiful sign of how special my friends each are to me!

Road trip was such fun…and then the unexpected hospitality and love from my friend and her mum blew we out of the water!
I was given a double bed for the night, the most amazing bath and the yummiest meal I’ve had in a while.



It made me think – hospitality and treating someone well can make a whole world of difference. They made me feel like royalty.


Then tucked up in bed and reading Vogue was the end of the night for me!



Open your arms wide, embrace this time.
Give cheerfully, with no fear to shine
Hospitality is a precious gift to give
Without it, life isn’t as fun to live.

There is a beauty in generosity,
Making others feel loved, and free
Not giving and expecting something back
But selfless love that keeps us all on track.

Open arms and open home
This was what I was shown.
Hospitality, laughter and love
Beautiful moments, given from above

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