Silence (Day 11)

Sometimes it’s easy to get all consumed with things around us, conversations, messages, phones etc. But what does it look like to be silent with someone we love. Silent and listening, listening to our hearts beat.

Today I was with my sister who got knocked off her bike and concussed. The doctor encouraged her not to speak much due to the impact she received. So when I visited I just sat with her and cuddled her. She was like one big baby, sleeping for England and just embracing me. It was such a beautiful moment where no words were needed. Just being there was enough.

She is a gift to me. She constantly inspires me, encourages me, uplifts me, looks out for me. I hope this year that she can dream bigger than she ever has before and watch things fall into place.

Just watching her rest and sleep like a baby made me see the beauty and healing of sleep and how much I underestimate it.


Sleep, Deep
Be silent and still
Know Gods will.

Sleep, Deep.
Stop and rest.
Be still and know
God’s love is best.

Hope for tomorrow,
BE in today
Never regret,
Whatever you say.

Trust in the process.
Trust with it all.
Hope for the future,
Your faith can be small

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