Friend moments (Day 13)


Today I saw a friend after a long time without seeing her. The joy was contagious and I felt I just came alive in her presence. It was as if she just allowed me to be me. SO I went wild. Truly wild. Just so loud and happy. I laughed and laughed and hugged her! We walked to Hyde Park for a little stroll just chatting the whole way.

I was taken aback by the joy I felt.

Friendship really is so special. Those friends that just GET you. They are so so worth holding onto and cherishing. WOW!




Trust. The beauty of a hidden heart? 
Like a mess turned into a work of art. 
Broken pieces upon the floor. 
Together, yet always wanting more. 
(Why can’t I let love in?)
I want it from within. 
Break the chains that hinder me. 
Come Jesus. All I want is to be free. 
Horizontal to others and vertical to you. 
Friendship is always something new. 
Freedom is so precious it’s found in your word
A voice to the voiceless and an ear to those unheard. 
You friendship is like no other. 
Better than even the closest brother. 
You pursue and never stop. 
Catching all my tears that drop. 
You’re fearless and free, all consuming and passion led. 
My perfect provider and lead me where to tread. 
You encompass and you surround. 
All I want to hear is your sweet sound. 
Perfect love. So passionate and so new. 
I just always want to be with YOU!

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