Inspiration is SUCH an essential for us all. Whether it is being inspired of how to live well, be creative, learn more or how to cook. We all need inspiration in one way or another!

Today I wanted to be inspired creatively. I actually overheard some interesting conversations about Fashion Photography as a subject and what particular lecturers and teachers look for in a student. I was interested by this and it inspired me on some fashion related projects I’d like to start this Christmas.
Also it inspired me to be more intentional with my own work and the work of others to create something aesthetically pleasing and inspiring!

At lunch a friend gave me a gift…2 sacks of Red Sand from the RED SAND PROJECT.
This in itself was a hugely inspiring project to hear about – all about raising awareness of those who slip through the cracks in our society and to highlight the impact of modern slavery / human trafficking. I was touched by this and slipped them into my yellow jacket pocket.


Soon enough I spotted a guy in a very cool yellow jacket and soon found out his name was Sam and enjoyed encouraging him and making him laugh about how much I loved his jacket!


In the afternoon I hung out with a friend I met in Hong Kong, Julia Fong. Who is studying Fashion Design. We saw the exhibition at the RA which was also thought provoking and inspiring too.

Then we walked to watch the sunset and came across Buckingham Palace! The sunlight looked stunning and we played hide and seek on the monument! Such a laugh.

It was here I decided to do my first RedSand captured moment.



Inspiration time 2 rhyme:

Inspire, dive deep,
Remember the moments in life your can’t keep
Sunlight and sunset
Buckingham palace or an artistic bet

Stop striving, just rest.
Enjoy the moment, this is best. no room for heart ache
Is it something that you can take?

Listen and learn from those around you
You might see or experience something new!

ENJOY being



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