Courage and Kindness (Day 15)

img_9384Today I received a huge gift of another’s time and attention. Someone willing to pursue greater freedom with me. To see what areas I can experience even more freedom in. This was particularly special as it’s not everyday that people have that sort of time and care for you.

I loved every second and saw life from such a new and exciting perspective.
It was truly beautiful to experience.
I was also reminded today of what my friend Julia had said to me the day before when I thanked her for her courage in showing me the beauty in tears:

“Jessica tears are your prayers to God when you have no words”.

This is such a beautiful reminder of the beauty of tears and the pricelessness of our vulnerabilities and imperfections. WOW.

I came away from that time in a whirlwind of thoughts and in complete awe of the power of time and reflection.

The quote “have courage and kindness” from the new Cinderella movie kept popping into my head. Once i was home I came across some paper work. In one of the magazines I opened there were lots of envelopes encouraging to give to all sorts of charities. I must be honest that often I’m not very good at really reading these. However tongith I was so so touched by the story of the Mundo’s charity and soon enough was writing a letter to one of the homeless people that will be helped this Christmas by them.

I really hope they receive it. And would love to share the poem I have included in the envelope here too:

Royalty. Gold. 
Priceless. Let life unfold. 
Glory. Pouring down. 
Grace. It saturates your crown. 

Jesus. Babe to all. 
Humbled. Nowhere to fall. 
Christ like, so new, so young. 
A hymn. That’s to be sung. 

Christmas. A time to rejoice. 
That Jesus, he had a choice. 
To come to earth, as a mere man. 
To show the way, and be Gods plan. 

Jesus. A life of love. 
On Christmas. With peace and doves. 
A promise, of joy in pain. 
And that on earth, God remains. 

Firey and passionate too. 
A baby – something new.
Vivacious and born to us. 
By Mary. Who caused little fuss. 

A miracle of life and joy
Future as a little boy. 
Virgin and an impossible thing. 
This moment is what makes us sing! 

Rejoice. Rejoice. 
There’s no better time. 
This was the moment that Christ came to us. 
Rejoice. Rejoice. 
Again I declare him here. 
He’s entered into pain. 
And knows the name of fear. 
Rejoice. Rejoice. 
Another song I hear. Time is pressing fast. But Christmas is now near!

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