Just Start your Passion (Day 16)



Take time to do what YOU love most. Today I had a wonderful time exploring the charity shops on kings road with a friend. And then she lovingly treated me to a yummy juice to give me energy for my ride home.

I whizzed back with one thing in mind: my christmas commission.
With super excitement to start a personal project, I couldn’t wait to pick up a paint brush and paint realism again. I forgot HOW much I LOVE to paint. It really is a passion and such a gift to me.

One painting led to the next and before I knew it I had inspiration for a whole project I’d love to do.

It showed me often the first step is to START something and then trust the process after that, that everything WILL come into fruition when we trust, let go and begin!

I had SUCH fun and started to really reminisce my dance project that I did at school for my GCSEs! I remember living in and loving the art rooms, I would work continually on my art and nearly forget I had other subjects to think about too!
When you find a passion, seize it, build on it and let it blossom.
I would love to now be more bold with my art and bless more people with it. For so long I have been afraid to do so. But it’s time to bring it out of hiding and realise it’s a gift to people.



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