Faith (Day 18)

Today was a beautiful day.
We travelled to some friends for lunch and then got back home in time for church. The talk was spot on to everything I’ve been thinking about this week which blessed me so much. It was all about Mary and her response to the call God had on her life. It really put me in her shoes and made me really consider the courage she had to face the circumstances she was put through in order to give birth to the King of Kings. What a call on her life. A chosen child. I can’t quite imagine the responsibility she must have felt carrying such a precious babe.

It then made me realise that that same Jesus is now still alive in each one of us. I felt honoured to think that He has chosen me too and has given me gifts to now bless others with too and not hold back.

After the service I went in true christmas style to another carol service that a friend had organised the carols for. On route we had an exciting journey as mid way the tube decided to stop. So we changed track. Another tube was pulling in and over the mic they said this was the one we wanted, however all the electronic messages were saying something different – that it was going to Paddington. There was a worried looking couple who I reassured that it was going to be Baker Street next. However then the mic started saying it was going to Paddington and the electronic signs did too. A little shyly I asked one of the original people on the train their thoughts, but in London style he wasn’t very amused and kept to his phone business briefly agreeing with me.

Then the train began to move and the couple looked a little distressed! I felt very responsible! She then started to declare that the next station would be Baker Street. “It will be Baker Street next”. I was taken aback by her authority as she said it and I agreed saying “I believe ” She then replied saying “I do too” and they told us they were christians too. We all laughed together as the tube pulled up and we spotted Baker Street signs. What a relief! They gave us their card so we could get in contact to see if they made their next train. They ended up being American musicians with a band label, Drakeford. And since I have looked them up and enjoyed some of their Music.


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