“Expect Great Things” (Day 19)

Today was a truly special yet sad day.
A day to remember and say a final goodbye to a friend from my old school, Hamish Neve Dunn. Who sadly lost his struggle with cancer. One thing that touched me hugely during the memorial was the words of his Dad about the last text that he received from Hamish about a recipe that he wanted his dad to cook. His dad wasn’t sure about it, however Hamish encouraged him not to have any excuses but to “expect great things”.
These were his last words his Dad received and to me this is such a beautiful and lasting message, to be courageous in life, to not make excuses but to go for gold and expect great things.

Expect great things:

Don’t underestimate what you can bring about.
Don’t stop, or look back or even let yourself doubt.
Just take your gift and believe it will come to bloom,
Don’t make excuses, instead for “faith“, make some room.

“Expect great things” comes the courageous voice again.
Words and life of which will always remain.
A whispering yet a feeling I’ll never forget
As I trust and start to positivity expect…
That Great things WILL happen.

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