Head Bang! (Day 20)

Today I sadly whacked my head on a plastic board while photographing the Coleman Douglas Pearl jewellery collection. I took quite a whack. However despite the bang we continued photographing and captured some they seemed pretty happy with which was wonderful.

In the evening I went to a lovely friends house party where she was giving away all her old clothes for free. Her generous heart was amazing and she displayed everything so beautifully.

She taught me how to make my own hummus – with beetroot and sweet potato alternatives! So delicious! So all in all a beautiful night!

Time to Rhyme:

When worlds collide and the ‘bang’, you are here.
Head is bruised, with no space to fear!
A miracle awaits, as body feels sore
A desire to experience something more.

Collision of past collision of now.
Believing in my heart, I’ll make it somehow.
Collision of pain, smiles and hope
Whirling and spinning, I know I will cope.

Collision, yet perfection, a mixture of the two
Filled with excitement, with me and with you!

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