1st February

Still in the process of planning this wild, faith trip to South Africa, I asked God to make it really clear if I should go. I asked that I would get accommodation by the next day if I was meant to go…

2nd February

The next morning at 6:05am, I received an email from a friend, Michael, saying I could stay at his during my visit! This was my confirmation and I knew in that moment this would happen.

I went to netball training and let myself think it all through. I kept thinking to myself, “this can’t be an “opportunity” that I don’t take. It really does seem God is saying YES to it!” In the car afterwards, I was chatting with a friend, Tilly, and she mentioned a calligraphy she had created with the words “Dream Big“. I knew in that moment that the dinner I was hosting that night would be centred on that theme! I messaged each person I had invited to bring something related to their dream.

When I got home I had some time alone and picked up my Bible, asking God to speak clearly to me. It immediately opened at Isaiah 42. Immediately I saw these words:

I have taken responsibility for you and kept you safe. Provided you as a lighthouse to nations. To make a start at bringing people into the light and open and opening blind eyes. Releasing prisoners from dark dungeons. Emptying dark prisons! Sing to God a brand new song. Sing all over the world. Let the sea and its fish give a touch of applause! God steps out like he means business”

Later that morning I was writing out notes from the book, “Dare to Dream” that I had been reading. I was so inspired after a friends talk a few days before that gave me courage to believe I could do the same. It suddenly didn’t seem as scary as in the past to speak on a subject that I am passionate about. In fact I really enjoyed sifting through my thoughts and making my own message from them. I found it beautiful hearing other’s wisdom and creating something of my own: I called my message:
“Wear your Crown!”


Later on I had planned to meet a friend, Megan, to do a photoshoot for her project called, “NATURAL”. However there was a storm hitting Falmouth that afternoon, so the wind was crazy and my hair blew everywhere. As I looked into the camera I heard the words :


Something inside me shifted and I knew I had the courage I needed to go after this wild plan.  I started telling Megan about my wild and spontaneous trip to South Africa and how it was all coming together in such a crazy way. As I was speaking though, I suddenly realised I would need a camera by the next day, as I was planning to leave to travel back to London and then fly to Cape Town from there. Therefore the slight problem was since I was planning on creating a film for my project, I would need a camera to do so! 
She simply said back to me “I can drive you to campus later to rent one out if you like?”. I thanked her and agreed to the plan. In the mean time, we went back to her house, took more photos and then while she was doing something else I phoned my friend, Sarah who lives in Cape Town. I told her about all the Africa miracles that had been happening and she just said, “so you have got to go. This will be so redeeming.” I asked if she would paint me a painting that I could pay her for. She agreed and was touched by my request. She painted me a picture that looked like a dream catcher one way up and the earth crowned in feathers the other way up!
Knowing it might be impossible to book out the camera, as they often didn’t allow anyone to rent them out for longer than a week even in the UK, let alone a whole other continent. Despite this I went to the campus in faith that if it was meant to be that all would go well.
We arrived to hear I could not rent out the microphone and that I needed to sign all sorts of forms in order to have the camera for the 3 week period I wanted it for. After telling them I was leaving the next day, they suggested I spoke to the head of the photography department to see what was possible. So I went to knock on his door and he said to come back in 20 minutes. Megan and I went to process her film in the mean time and then walked back to his office.
Just before I knocked and walked into his office, I felt a huge wave of nerves come over me and turned to Megan to tell her I felt so nervous. I heard a whisper say to me
“Jessica wear your crown, you are my daughter, nothing is impossible” 
In that moment I was reminded of a picture I saw that morning of a little girl straightening her crown and remembering who she was. So I did the same in my imagination and walked into the room with a wave of peace and confidence that God was right there with me and would make a way if it was meant to be.
As soon as I walked in he asked me what the issue was…the rest happened so quickly it was all one crazy shock….

“Hi Laurence I have a really random request…

Yes, I’m used to those. What is it?

I am wanting to go to South Africa for 2 weeks for my self initiated project and I have been told I need to ask you to sign some forms to rent out a camera for that time.

Oh tell them I say “yes”.

Sorry what was that?

Tell them I say YES. I have the power to do that you see.

I am not sure they will believe me.

Actually in fact I can phone them!

Ok, just before you do, I would love a microphone with the camera too. Is that possible!?

Yes of course. (Picks up phone) Hi there I have Jessica here who would like to rent out a camera and microphone for 3 weeks and is going to come over shortly to pick it up!
(Me: in disbelief and amazement and on the verge of tears!) Wow thank you so so so much. Honestly means so much. I’m gonna cry!

I am just here to help. That’s what we are for!
Megan said to me after, once we had left the room

“Jessica that just doesn’t happen. That is unheard of. He never does that to anyone! That is a miracle Jessica”

I have never felt God open a door SO clearly and push aside every “no” of man and say “YES“. Wow! So after that at 3:22pm I walked up to the counter with one huge smile and collected the camera and microphone and went on my way. As easy as that. I wore my crown and didn’t take it off. That is what we get to do as children of a King, He truly clears the way!

That’s not normal Jess. They never allow us to do that!” You didn’t have to sign forms, nothing. This must so be meant to BE!” – Megan.
Funnily enough when Megan and I went to pick up the film from our shoot, there was nothing on the roll of film.  We looked at each other and both laughed as we realised it was a sign to us both to ENJOY THE PROCESS & JOURNEY AND NOT FEAR THE FINAL OUTCOME.

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