LIFE song

Life is a mystery born to live.
Hopes given, hearts called to forgive.
Beauty in heaven, reigning on down.
Mystery enthralled in wearing our crown.

Hope in the highest
Hope through it all.
Hope in the darkest
When on our knees we fall.

Hope in the mystery.
Hope in the rain
Freedom for captives.
Freedom from pain.

Colour is given to those left undone.
Colour is lavished, colour brings fun.
Laughter and joy restored to the broken.
Fullness of life, as truth is then spoken.

Tears dropping, yet smiles then arise.
Blindfolded moments and then, “boom” “surprise”.
Taking risks of adventure, so wild and free.
Trusting these are steps of destiny.

Life’s about the process and not just the outcome.
Releasing fears and trusting we’ve “won”.
Not needing to worry, but knowing God WILL provide.
Breaking down walls that I can easily hide.

Hope in the broken.
In jars of clay / Treasure in clay.
Hope in the moment. (Hope in your saviour)
No matter the day.

Hope is a longing,
Hope is a cry
Hope brings belonging.
To the weak and the dry.

Hope is a mystery,
So strong and so pure.
Hope is so steadfast.
Hope is so sure.

Hope in the waiting.
Hope in the now
Hope in the future
You’ll make it somehow!

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