I had a really restless night, as I had last minute booked my tickets but for some reason the ticket wasn’t coming through. In the morning, after calling the site page numerous times, I realised I had been scammed. This was the morning I was meant to be leaving for Cape Town. Trying not to totally freak out, I found a moment of peace and collected my thoughts. I had found one flight leaving that morning with a different airline and wondered do I just “do it”. It would mean I would have to leave within the next hour for the airport! I decided to go for it and bought the ticket on the spot and left for the airport within the next hour. My heart was racing for a good few moments, in awe of the fact I had just bought a ticket on the day same as leaving, to get to Cape Town!

Once I was at the airport and in line for my check in, I met a sweet lady called, Sarah.  She was going to New Zealand and shared she had really recently and tragically sadly lost her cousin, so was going back for the funeral. He was a twin and had died doing something he loved for a cause. I welled up as she shared, as my friend who had recently died, Bryony, was also a twin and died on route back from doing something she loved too! Sarah shared she had bought her ticket super last minute too, which made me feel a little more at ease.

I was beautifully amazed when I ended up boarding my first flight at 2:22!
Then at my layover I wanted to give Sarah a card I had written her so went to find her at her new gate. She was super touched and I said bye, before slowly walking to find my gate. When I suddenly clocked that I was now in a new time zone and didn’t have as long as I had thought. In fact I only had a few minutes before boarding would close. I started to pace it to the gate! When I arrived I noticed the clock and couldn’t believe my eyes. It showed, 22:22. I was so shocked by the time, that I didn’t mind they had just called my name as the last boarder, I really wanted to take a photo of the clock as a reminder of the God who is so in the small details! The air stewardesses saw me doing it and laughed at me, asking why I was photographing the clock. I explained that 22 is a number that means a huge amount to me and it is crazy as both flights that day I had boarded at a time with 22 in it.

I watched Little Miss Sunshine on the flight and was inspired by the quotes that came out of it:

At the very core is a winner to be awakened and unleashed to the world.
Put your losing habits behind you and go out and make your dreams come true! 

No excuses. No complaining. 

Go out into the world and be a winner!

A looser is someone whose so afraid of failing they don’t try. 

Life is one beauty contest after another. One had enough of that. 

“Do what you love and forget the rest.”


I have learnt that I am totally safe in His hands. No matter what. I have learnt to pursue Him more than gifts. I have learnt to just trust Him every step and that ultimately He is in control. I have learnt thanksgiving opens gates to heaven. I have learnt that songs and singing welcomes us into His presence! I have learnt to give Him my tears and see Him turn those into joy. I have learnt to walk on water and keep my eyes solely on Him. I have learnt a life of faith is so much more exciting than anything else. And I have learnt that He loves me a lot!! I have learnt to not fear failure because grace trumps it all!

Either way. He is my best gift!!



What is the plan?
Where are you in this all?
I’m trusting that I won’t ever fall.

I can’t see you, but you said to “jump”.
So here I am….
Finding Joy over every bump!

Laughter is key and fun is now too.
The process is the beauty. So fresh and so new.
Storms coming so windy, yet free.
You make me strong. When I focus on you simply

You are my prince, my prince of peace.
You say its my life that you make complete.
A child resting, safe in your arms.
So treasured and protected, away from all harm.

Jesus, oh, how sweet is your name.
A blanket of protection, so hidden from shame.
Jesus. My saviour, my God and my friend.
Nothing else matters than to what your heart attends.

I trust you and I’m jumping with a smile.
Funny we get to travel so many a mile!
So much time to journal and questions to ask
Time to rest in your presence and in your light to then bask!

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