Jump (7/2/17).

What is the plan?
Where are you in this all?
I’m trusting that I won’t ever fall.

I can’t see you, but you said to “jump”.
So here I am….
Finding Joy over every bump!

Laughter is key and fun is now too.
The process is the beauty. So fresh and so new.
Storms coming so windy, yet free.
You make me strong. When I focus on you simply

You are my prince, my prince of peace.
You say its my life that you make complete.
A child resting, safe in your arms.
So treasured and protected, away from all harm.

Jesus, oh, how sweet is your name.
A blanket of protection, so hidden from shame.
Jesus. My saviour, my God and my friend.  Nothing else matters than to what your heart attends.

I trust you and I’m jumping with a smile.
Funny we get to travel so many a mile!
So much time to journal and questions to ask
Time to rest in your presence and in your light to then bask!

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