Waking up from a tired sleep.
Wrapped up in fear. A fear so deep.
Wanting belonging and to be accepted and known.
But yet deep down feeling so sad and alone.

Where is my family? Where do I belong?
I can’t find a person, a place or a song.
My heart is burning and I am angry at my past.
My family let me down and those that I asked.

A gang is a place where they assure you of their love.
Yet really it’s not love. And power is directed from above.
They make me feel scared to then take power over me.
There is no way out. They gave me a “one way key”!

But I’m willing to change and find something new.
I don’t belong here and neither do you.
I’m longing for family and all that that brings.
I believe that one day I will thankfully sing.

Like a bird set free from a dark and dingy cage.
This I believe is only to be a short stage.
I will one day be a free man.
And out of the ashes, in beauty I’ll stand.

Gangsterism. It could be a powerful place.
To welcome people in with a warm embrace.
Maybe it’s time to turn things around.
That here on earth, we hear heavens sweet sound.

Jesus please make a gang of wild stars.
That aren’t then caged and put behind bars.
But Jesus release wild and firey stars.
That aren’t afraid of the future or their deep scars.

Jesus please come and make a new way.
This is the time. This is the day.
Jesus please come and make a new way.
This is your time. Please have your say.

Swoop up the young and ones who are lost.
Give them an insight and help them count the cost.
Jesus please come in miraculous ways.
And may gangsterism change to a place of your praise.

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