My Rainbow Rug

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Hope, who struggled to sleep at night. She kept approaching her bed time with fear of the things she would see in her darkest hours. So one day she decided to make a little blanket and called it her “rainbow rug”. This she believed would protect her from dark thoughts and keep a constant theme of hope throughout her dreams.

Once her head hit the pillow that night, instead of seeing scary and wild creatures that terrified her, she saw gardens of beauty. Garden after garden that kept her in awe. She ran through each one picking the flowers she most liked the look of. By the end she had collected a bouquet and was filled with deep joy. There was a particular yellow one that she placed right in the middle that meant the most to her. The reason for this, she wanted to remain a secret. In this moment she had found a glimpse of new life.

After that night she stopped fearing the night. Instead she found it became her favourite time to be inspired. She would go through her days excited to sleep in order to discover the next part of her dream.

One night she met someone in her dream. A boy. Or even a man. She wasn’t sure. She couldn’t see his face but the way he made her feel brought her heart alive. She would tell him her biggest secrets and know that she could fully trust him. Over time and after good long sleeps, her relationship with this boy deepened. They found out all sorts of things about each other and experienced wild and free adventures together. Until one day, the boy told her he needed to show her something. Unsure what he meant, she waited expectantly. One night in her dream they were sitting together in a field with a vast expanse of grass all around them. The boy handed her something, when she looked down she realised it was a pair of glasses. Asking what they were for, she put them on and much to her surprise everything around her changed.

“What are these?“, Hope asked him.
These are heaven’s glasses” came his reply.

Wow well I can see so many things now I never could before.
What are the glasses made of?”
she asked.
They are made of faith and hope” replied the boy.

Faith? What’s that?” she asked.
Faith is the complete trust in someone” he replied.
And hope?” she inquired.
“That is trusting there’s a light at the end of the tunnel” the boy explained.

So when and why would anyone wear these?” she thought aloud.
The little boy replied: “These glasses are essential. They help someone see life differently. Although someone’s situation might remain the same, their perspective and view will be different. This will change their whole life around.”

“Wow” the little girl remarked. “Can I show these to my friend? She is really down at the moment about life. She used to always be happy and free. But now she can’t see beyond the problems and mistakes she feel she makes. I think these glasses could change her life and thinking!”

“Yes of course. Show her where you discovered them and how she can find them too. Simply share from your experience!” the boy encouraged her.

So the little girl returned to normality in the morning and couldn’t wait to tell her friend about the experience she had seen. However suddenly she realised, “I don’t actually have the glasses to give my friend. How can I give them to my friend if she wasn’t in my dream?” 

After pondering this thought, she felt she had to tell her friend in full about what had happened in her dream and what the little boy had shown her. She wondered if her friend would then be able to experience what she had in her own dreams.

So at school Hope ran in and found her friend playing in the corner. She spoke non stop, with real excitement about all she had discovered and been shown, believing she had the remedy for her friend’s problem. Her friend listened in wonder at the story that spilled out of Hope’s heart. The words that came out of her mouth she almost imagined to be like that of the rainbow. All different colours of the spectrum. She began to smile at Hope and shared, “I almost feel I am sitting on the rainbow as your speak Hope”.
Wow” said Hope “for me it all started with my rainbow rug. While I was nestled underneath my rainbow blanket was when all these wild dreams began“.



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