‘West’ Front Cover


Bubbles for me are such a reflection of child like fun and wonder. I love seeing them in those moments when you need a new perspective on life and need to see through a new lens. Pop they go. Just like that. So simple and easy. So free and yet beautiful.

This shoot was with Megan Hemsworth at Gylly Beach in Falmouth. Despite the cold water, the joy was infectious and the bubbles mesmerising. My friend Grace helped blow the bubbles from the side as I looked into the camera as each flew by.

Fun is essential in life and can sometimes, I believe, even be underestimated in the importance of it. Just from a moment of child like fun these pictures were captured and then a magazine spotted them on my friends social media account and featured her work and the main photo as their front cover picture. This news was a beautiful surprise as we simply did the shoot for fun!



It’s your breathe in our lungs – so we pour out our praise”

It’s your breathe, breathed out
Through my lungs you breathe
It’s revival within me
Breaking chains with one shout
Bringing life you set me free.

Bubbles from chains.
Lightness from darkness.
Forgiven and loved.
You release me again.

It’s your breathe breathed out.
Through my lungs you breathe
Through my lungs into reality
Through my life, so fragile and free.



You make me alive.

Through my lungs you breathe
I’m still, so it is you I’ll see.
Breathe deep within me.

Chains transformed to bubbles.
I’m set freeeee ✈️
Each of us so unique and seen

A bubble, a colour, we bring something to life
Flowing and flying and unleashing our dreams.

Colour so beautiful. You are unique.
You have His power to freely speak.
Through my lungs you breathe
….then into reality
It’s your truth that breaks my chains
So now I am free.

You make me alive.



Bubbles are colourful, crazy and wild.

Bubbles bring giggles to the heart of a child.
Bubbles are beauty, entwined into one.
Bubbles are so beautiful and bring so much fun!   

Bubbles remind us life can be fragile.
Bubbles show us to appreciate others style.
Bubbles are all sizes and yet made the same.
Bubbles release us to live without shame.

Bubbles help to lift up our eyes.
Bubbles are refreshing and always surprise.
Bubbles, like words, can bring one a smile.
Bubbles reflect the beauty in freestyle

So may these bubbles remind you to speak words that encourage.
Because then you will see how life will truly flourish!
Your words are a gift so with them be wise
It is colour you’ll reflect as you then fly on by!












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