Miracle Tickets



After staying the night in Brooklyn with a friend I hopped onto the metro heading towards the fashion shows venues. On my way I sat next to a girl that looked like she was a model on her way to casting. So we began to chat and I asked her if she modelled and where she was heading. It ended up that she was a model and was heading into town. While chatting, my heart was moved by her story and saddened that she was facing so much alone. She was really open and honest with me and while she was chatting I felt prompted to give her one of the notes I had previously written. Almost like a lucky dip, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the one saying: “YOU ARE LOVED” on the front. As I gave it to her a small smile stretched across her face. She was moved that I cared about her and her life. I then explained that if she ever wanted to meet up and see herself through a new lens, (different to the ones she was used to while modelling), that I would love to meet up and photograph her. I really love to help people see their true reflection through the lens and help them see their true beauty. Since this was the first time I had properly suggested to a stranger that I would like to photograph them I was wondering if she would actually take up the offer….!?

We parted ways and soon enough I arrived at the fashion show venue. After some time strolling around and meeting some beautifully interesting people, I decided to go journal in a coffee shop. While I waited for my friend, I got into some more interesting conversations again!


Once my friend had arrived we decided to go to the waters edge to photograph the sunset and while doing so a man saw us, (as we were the only people nearby) and came over to ask us to take a photo of him. As we were doing so he asked why we were there. We explained we wanted to go to a show but didn’t actually have tickets. Just after we shared this he seemed pleasantly surprised and explained that he in fact had two spare tickets for two different shows that night that he sadly couldn’t attend. He noticed both of our cameras around our necks and suggested that we took photos for him in exchange for the tickets. With complete joy we gratefully agreed and squealed with excitement. His name was Leo, which also made me chuckle because since being there there had been a constant theme of ‘lions’!

This was mad and as we began to travel towards the first location of the show, I turned to my friend and explained that before coming out I had felt God say that having a camera would be a ticket into places I would otherwise never get into! And here we were on the way to a show with our miracle tickets and cameras. Only God! Wow.

The first show was very interesting and particularly dark to be honest. I ended up just praying over the people in the room and the atmosphere more than actually watching the show. We left early to then make it in time for the next one. When we arrived I was given a standing ticket and she was given a sitting one. So we entered through different doors. Once I had found my position to stand in, I was scanning the room to take all my surroundings in, when my eyes seemed to rest on a blonde girl in the distance who seemed to be in the spotlight. I somehow recognised her. This surprised me as I often don’t recognise anyone, especially famous people! As I stared in her direction I suddenly thought I knew who it was – a body positive model, who had randomly been in my dream a couple of months before. Just as I was mid-thought I felt a tap on my shoulder from my friend who had come to find me to say there was space to sit next to her. So I picked up my bags and followed her. Lo and behold her seat was directly behind this woman I thought I recognised to be Iskra Lawrence. As I sat there pondering this, I decided to courageously tap her on the shoulder and encourage her about what a funky outfit she was wearing. She replied with a very English accented “Thank you”!

Then almost immediately the show began and the lights dimmed….

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After it was finished I leaned forward again to give Iskra one of the notes I had written and the one I pulled out had “YOU ARE PRECIOUS” on the front. I handed it to her in faith that it might mean something to her. She was super grateful and explained she sadly had to rush off but would love me to “DM” her!

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Once she had left I turned to Ann and suggested we went backstage to meet the designer. She looked at me to say, “that’s not possible“. I explained that “anything is possible!“. So she followed me to the entrance. We were stopped by some of the staff and I explained we would love to go backstage. They said they would go check with PR and then came back to us a few minutes later saying it was fine. So we followed them backstage and stood in the small space, with the select few able to meet the designer. In shock yet filled with so much joy that we were actually backstage, it all clicked in my heart! This was the exact vision me and a friend had both had of me before I had come out here and also the image another friend had drawn of me before the thought was even in my mind to come –  of me backstage, all dressed in yellow. And there I was, all in yellow, backstage. Wow!

Soon enough we had the opportunity to meet the designer, Melody Yajun, and hear her heart about the collection. It was so stunning to hear that her collection had actually been created while she was feeling low and from doing abstract art. It was from these creations that she used the negative space as the inspiration and designs for her outfits. I was really touched by this as I was doing a project about fashion and mental health and also have created a collection of outfits inspired by freedom and healing for mental health.

After we had had substantial time talking with her, we began to walk away. Yet as we did we both looked at each other and shared that we felt moved to pray for her. She had been honest with us about struggling to find inspiration after each show to create a new collection, and as a result felt quite low. We felt moved to pray that she would be miraculously inspired and design a new collection that she would be incredibly proud of. So we turned back and explained to the security guys that we had forgotten something! We went straight up to her and shared how we both felt moved to offer to pray for her, after she had been so open and honest with us. Melody was so touched and said she would love that and for us to wait in the corridor as they were clearing people out of that space. So we did. Then once she came out we prayed and prophesied over her and shared pictures with her that God revealed to us. After praying she opened her eyes and started to smile, saying that she had never felt such a peace in herself ever after a show. She left with a skip in her step and shared her details with us, asking us to keep in contact!


As we exited I realised I had to get a photo of me all in yellow by the NYFW sign as a confirmation and proof of the previous prophetic words and pictures all coming true. The woman we ended up asking to take it was someone who worked for IMG. I encouraged her about how beautiful she was, and noticed she struggled to receive my words. Having just had such a special time praying for Melody, I shared really openly about my own testimony, and the reason I was in fact wearing an all yellow outfit and asked whether we could pray for her too to know her deep value and the depths of her beauty. As we did, her tears began to fall down her face, as she was deeply moved by each word spoken to her. She could almost not quite grasp the fact that we were sharing such kind and true words with her!

We left ROARING in the streets of New York absolutely blown away by the miracles we had just experienced and the lives that had been touched along the way!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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