Kenyan Treasures

After our visit to Kevin and his family, we had the chance to visit a boarding school and to meet Brian and Humphrey. These were also two boys who had been saved by the charity and each had an awesome story about how they ended up at this school. 



Brian was saved 8 years ago by the charity. Despite being shy he had a very gentle and special presence. You could tell there was a lot going on internally. 

They gave us a tour of their school, the classrooms, swimming pool and dorm rooms.
I slowly got to ask them questions as we walked around, as they were very shy. We even had a chance to photograph and film them within their class setting.






Hearing their dreams for life and seeing the places they can now reach with education and people around them who believe in them is extraordinary. Just to even think that they could have still been roaming the streets, and yet now are being equipped to change their life and future as well as others, is life changing at the least!

Just at the end I gave them each a postcard to remind them of the hope they have found and to always remember that God really is the God of miracles. I captured this photo as they walked off and Brian went to put the card into his back pocket. An image of future hope, with a pocketful of faith!




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