Stepping into Legacy

In MAY I had a wild opportunity to go to Kenya to film and photograph for a charity called, “Children of Hope”. It was a charity I hadn’t heard of before but has become one that I really champion and support now.

At the airport just before flying out, my Dad was telling one of the guys that his parents had been missionaries in Kenya for 10 years. I overheard and asked more about this. He continued saying that they had set up a University there and that there was now a library after my Grandfather’s name. In total amazement I wondered if we might have the chance to visit.

The week started and continued to be a week I will never forget. We had the huge honour of hearing and documenting life changing stories, whereby the charity had saved boys from street life and returned them to their families. We even had the chance to do a “live rescue” of one of the street boys and took him all the way back to his family and spoke with the mother. It was phenomenally moving.


Another day we walked through the streets of Nairobi and got to see first hand the state that these precious children are living in. It was devastating and crazy how awful their situations were. During our wander through the market one of the boys began to dance to the music nearby. I had spotted him and asked Jesus for a word for him, as I noticed he was a leader in his group. Then the next thing I knew I was being pulled into the centre to dance with the boy. So I courageously went with it. We began to have a dance off. The crowds gathered as they commented and pointed saying “muzungo” (white person). I came alive with such joy as we danced and danced. Then as the music died down I turned to the boy and asked his name. “John” came the reply. I then asked our guide to translate the word and picture I had for him from the Lord. I told him one line at a time. It was about his true potential and the power of his creativity to bring life and freedom. From then on out, he followed our group the whole way to the police station and explained that he wanted to go home soon. This victory was beautiful and so encouraging to see his heart totally change that afternoon. He was a man of “potential” and I pray that he returns to his family and lives the life God has called him to.

On our penultimate day we visited Africa International University. Incredibly, one of the men working for the charity, called John, had a wife that worked in the library at the University. The “Tony Wilmot Memorial Library”. So I phoned her to plan our visit and she couldn’t wait to meet me. She explained that there was also a portrait of my Grandfather in the library. On arrival we were greeted beautifully and there were even some guys with cameras to film and photograph the moment!

I was simply amazed and humbled by their love. They took me and our team for a tour of the campus and even showed me the house that my Grandparents used to live in. It has now become a school, so this was so special to look around and meet the children that attended there. I had the honour of meeting the deputy head and and even being able to pray a blessing over him. All in all it was a phenomenally special afternoon and one I will never forget. Stepping into the legacy of my Grandparents made me stop and wonder about my own life and the beauty of the legacy we can leave to future generations. What a truly special couple who have left a lasting and powerful impact on many hearts and lives.


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