A Gentle Whisper

Arriving in a new place can be quite hard…especially without a car in the States is not simple when you only know a few people.

So one weekend I missed a ride to Bethel and had to get an Uber. I arrived flustered and tired as it was early in the morning for me! Midway during worship I realised that I wasn’t feeling engaged at all so walked out to have a wander around the building and wake up a little bit. As I was walking I was slowly feeling inspired by the rooms I was walking past full of children and their wonder while watching the bubbles blown in the classrooms they were playing in. I kept walking round when I came across a dining room full of people and some acoustic worship going on. My heart slowed down and found it really connected with the vibe of this room, so I took a step in. I soon discovered this was the room where they helped feed those less advantaged and the homeless with breakfast. I soon found a seat next to a wonderful woman, Michelle. We chatted and I then felt moved to ask if I could pray for her. She gratefully agreed. I simply prayed that God would be God in her situations and that no matter what she had faced or was facing that God can bring hope from hopeless situations, freedom out of prison and beauty from the ashes. I then asked Jesus for a specific word for her and heard a name starting with “Kay”. I thought it was “Katie” so asked if that meant anything to her. She then explained that she had a son called “Kayden” who was the only one of her children that she had been allowed to look after. Her story moved me to tears as she explained how spot on my prayer and words had been. I was blown away and explained that it was God, as I had just met her so would never have known all those things about her!

I walked away moved, empowered and challenged by this community. I felt the presence of Jesus in such a powerfully tangible way there and saw afresh the power of HOPE. Love goes a long way. Simply loving the one in front of us changes lives, brings joy and reminds people of the power of hope, our lifeline!

Afterwards I walked back into the main service and was prayed for. I ended up flat on my back for a while simply resting and allowing God to give me visions. While on my back I saw visions of me dancing in heaven in a white dress, completely made new like a bride. Eventually my need for a wee got me off the floor and into the bathrooms. While on the loo God spoke to me:

Destiny is before you my daughter. My beloved you don’t have any idea what I have in store. You must let go of your expectations so that I might invade your heart with the reality of heaven’s plan for your life. This year I’d like to reveal to you WHY you were made. What you live for, and your full purpose. I have WILD plans for you. YOU BELONG IN YOUR FATHERS HOUSE. YOU BELONG HERE. Trust me with the rest. I have wild things in store.

You are stepping into the chamber of heaven where I want to pursue your heart and reveal the deepest beauty inside of you. Because as you shine, my light shines through you. You are breathtaking my daughter. So so beautiful. With a radiant and holy light, ready for all to see. I’m stripping back shame and fear of being seen. And truly seen. You are made to shine in My glory. I trust you as you just reflect it back to Me. Your light booms the earth. You have no idea the impact of your story and your life on those around you. You pierce darkness and your precision in your words, dance and Pictures is phenomenal and life changing. Keep practising and pressing into my voice. I have secrets I’d love to reveal more to you!  I have given you the keys into my heart. Use those to unlock the doors I have given you access to. Into my deepest chambers. Child you are worth the price. You are worth it all. You are worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT. Trust me.

Receive the good gifts I have for you. Because as you receive them you allow others to receive them too. In the same way you love to abundantly give to others, I love to give to you. And I ADORE IT when you RECEIVE IN FULL ALL I HAVE FOR YOU.”


I then went for a stroll to try and find a ride home. However with no success I felt Jesus whisper in my ear “let go of your plans and trust mine”. So I slowly let go of my own agenda and embraced the here and now. As I did that I walked over to the prayer house. Amazed to see on the outside patio a statue of an open bible, opened on the page about Mary at Bethany! I was so blown away by this, as the day after I had found out I got into Bethel, I was given Mary as a character reference in a small group and that was the day Jesus confirmed that Bethel would be the next stop for me!

So I walked in and strolled around.

Then shortly after I walked out, unsure what I felt like doing, I felt a little agitated. I spotted a bit of shade on the side of the road. Just as I got to that spot I saw a disabled man in at electric chair, controlled by his breathe. He said hello and I felt to slow down and chat with him. A conversation that ended up changing my life! His name was Enoch Swett. He noticed my bumble bee around my neck and began to explain to me that they shouldn’t actually be able to fly, and that that is prominent for me, as God is calling me to do things that others deem impossible.

He continued to share encouragement, verses and life changing truths with me. We stayed so long in that very place my legs grew tired so I decided to sit at his feet. I was simply in awe of him and his intimacy with Jesus. He was the most Christlike man I’ve ever met. Totally full of love and the fire of Jesus. He told me about a revelation he had on his life support machine about the fire, water and wind and how we can’t survive without all three, like the trinity. It was the best talk I’ve ever heard. He beautifully described the Bible in a digestible and profound way. He even described it like the vision I had just previously had of me dressed up like a bride and explained Jesus took my dirty clothes, He washed me, dressed me as a bride and then prepared me to eat with the King. This blew me away since the night before I had been at a place called the “Kings Table” too. It was that night I had been prayed for about believing I was here for such a time as this.

Due to the heat and congestion of cars in the car park we had to move and went inside the prayer house. We took communion together and I sat on the floor, moved to tears, reading the Bible. I opened it to Isaiah 61.


Afterwards I walked over with him to the service and decided to stay for it as I hadn’t actually been in a whole service yet. So I stood at the back and danced throughout worship. Just after worship they asked to turn to someone beside you and bless them. I randomly had a row of guys just standing behind me and I squeezed in-between them all. Arms over shoulders of two big guys. One called Scott and the other, Eli. I felt a word for Scott and later shared it with him. He ended up being alumni from Bethel and runs the treasure hunt city service. I shared my butterfly treasure hunt story and his reaction was “that’s the best story I’ve ever heard!”.

Bill Johnson spoke all about joy and hope and they showed a video of a woman in Mozambique who saves children and brings beauty from the ashes. I was blown away as I remembered I had given Bill a letter a few years ago at Focus called “Believe there’s beauty from the ashes” and then he’d said to me “come to bethel”.

At the end of the service a girl came up to me and said “Jess”. With no time to say anything else I thought I was going to come out of myself! It was the girl I met in London with the crazy connection to my trip in Cape Town and I hadn’t seen her since. Her name was Tanzi and her sister is doing BSSM this year with me. Wow!



  • Enoch = anointed.
  • Bumblebee = doing the impossible and making it possible. 🐝
  • Hand close. Breathe. (Father = fire. Water = Son. Oxygen = H.S)
  • Can’t live without all three.
  • Isaiah 1:18
  • (Wants to dress you up like a bride)
  • Isaiah 49:16
  • (Engraved in His hands)
  • John 10:28
  • (All the Father gives me I put into His hands).
  • Revelation 3:18
  • (Anointing my eyes to see. Anoint my ears to hear. If you hear the spirit – listen to His voice!)
  • I put a garment on you so you nakedness isn’t seen.
  • v20  If you hear my voice and open your door we will eat dinner together.
  1. Washed clean. Made perfect.
  2. Your name is in His hands. You’re His favourite girl.
  3. He dresses you up and puts you in a wedding gown.
  4. I want you hear My voice and eat dinner with you.
  5. Jessica now you’re ready to eat with the King. The King’s food is awesome.
  • Isaiah 53 = a Contract. Whole Story is written here. By the blood of Calvary He bought and paid for me.
  • 1 Corinthians 1:16.
  • (You’re bought with a price. You are not your own. You’re a temple and you belong to Him).
  1. Bought you. Paid in full.
  2. Washed you in the blood.
  3. Made a covenant “by His stripes you are healed”.
  4. We have the power of resurrection. He resurrected us from our dead lives.
  • 2 Corinthians 10:3-4
  • (The weapons of our warfare are not carnal).
  • Isaiah 61:1-3
  • Anointed me to get the prisoners out of prison and break down walls and bars.
  • To Heal the broken hearted.
  • This is the “acceptable year of the Lords vengeance”. He’s going to fight for you. This is the day He fights for you.
  • This is YOUR year.
  • Beauty for ashes. Joy for mourning. Praise instead of despair.
  • Smile is a universal language!
  • It’s impossible to praise and complain.
  • Joy makes you stronger.
  • John 6:47-63
  • Hebrews 3:7-8
  • Hebrews 4:12 (The Word is power)
  • Hebrews 4:16

(Come into the throne of Grace. You can have mercy and grace in time of need)




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