Keys to the Kingdom

Love Story ❣️ 

Running through the halls of the King’s Home.
Not sure which room He calls His own.
Searching for treasure and the King of their heart.
Unsure where He’ll Be, the story becomes art….

Tip tap tip tap.
Feet running along the floor.
Tip tap tip tap.
Little girls expecting more.

Running, skipping, seeking truth.
Giggling, laughing, it’s me and you.
Unlocking doors, and searching for the King.
Yet the open door is where they find the beauty His presence brings.

Running towards it with gleeful hearts.
Anticipating the important part.
The Fathers welcome into His precious room.
With a thankful heart as He beckons me and you.

We sit by His feet excited by His love.
Transformed by His eyes and the truth that He’s enough.
Simply found in the quietness of His arms.
Ready for some time to sit in this world apart.

Centred and surrounded, watching as the fire burns.
Simply amazed when Jesus begins to turn.
Dancing and spinning, receiving His delight.
Captured in the beauty, His presence is so bright.

Colour unleashed as we all begin to dance.
Swirling and spinning, undone by His glance
Watching as He begins to play piano so beautifully.
Filling the room with a fragrance so sweet.

As we dance and enjoy His thick presence of fire.
We begin to grow taller and taller as we each are inspired.
Slowly becoming the women we are created to be.
Growing taller from a place of intimacy.
Slowly reaching a height when we can fully see.

Looking into a mirror, seeing our true identity.
Engraved in the mirror the truths He speaks over us.
Never rubbed out, just requiring trust.
Fully seen. Fully known. Fully loved.

Princesses in His kingdom. Women who now fully are.
Children of their King. His chosen stars.
Gazing into the mirror, amazed at what we see.
Undone by the transformation – seeing our unique beauty.

Then hanging on the wall a picture steals our gaze.
Ancestors, inheritance, it’s all such a maze.
Portraits of those who have each gone before.
Pathed the way for us to receive all that’s in store.

Heaven. Here on Earth.In the Kings palace, learning our worth.
Lavished by His beauty.
We are royalty from birth.

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