Waterfall Wonder

Glory crashing.
Flooding in this place.
The glory of heaven.
Falling upon every face.

Embraced by heaven.
A waterfall.
Flowing abundantly down.
Crowning everyone of us.

Caught in the wonder.
Caught in the fall.
Fully surrendered.
Water engulfs.
Beauty surrounding.
Beauty so still.
Beauty that’s outrageous.
Beauty that is full.

Glory and wonder.
Beauty surrounds.
Water of heaven.
A precious roaring sound.
Coming down gently.
Roaring down loud.
Smoothing over the rough.
Glistening and enough.

Purified, made whole.
Water. Waterfall.
Sprinkling your face.
Surrounded and seen.
Come child and see.
It’s time to dream.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I went with two friends up to Oregon for the weekend. It was a truly incredible time and so refreshing to get out of town and see some new spots. On route we had a moment of about half an hour of silence to just speak with Jesus and gain His perspective on our weekends. He showed me a few things and I wrote them all down. Most of which, now with hindsight, all came to be.

It was a precious time to get space, see a lot of beauty, make spontaneous decisions, receive others generosity and housing, to experience the Compassion to Action conference and lastly to have one of the longest yet most beautiful journeys home.

We began the day with going to three different waterfalls: Multnomah, Bridal Veil and then Latourell.



Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Latourell was my favourite as I had the chance to stand directly beneath it. It was a crazily magical moment of looking up and just seeing white, as the water crashed over me. It almost looked like the water was dancing down, yet despite it seeming to be gentle, it created quite an effect.

All I could do while looking up was praise Jesus. My heart was overcome with worship and awe of the beauty. It felt like a portal to heaven and a visual image of what happens when we worship and receive the presence of Jesus. Total refreshment. Whenever I am now in worship I simply remember this moment and look up and see the same picture of the white water falling on my face and washing over all of me. It was such a powerful moment that I will never forget.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset


The Compassion to Action event was an honour to attend as you could tell this wasn’t a very natural thing for Portland to hold. Yet the significance of it happening in the centre of the city was powerful. There were people from all over there. Todd White was also there. Daniel spoke that night on being “all in for Jesus” and then had a call for people to come to the front. I felt a strong sense to go forward and so followed this instinct.

As I was standing there Todd White was praying for people. He then randomly started to come in the direction I was in. He prayed for me and started saying over me “branded in the fire”. This was amazing as this was the exact words someone else had said to me before leaving for Bethel weeks before.

Then the next day, after seeing a sweet friend, Caitlyn for coffee we set off on Route 101 back to Redding. It took us a crazy 14 hours as we hadn’t tracked the whole journey time from start to finish. Despite the length, the beauty was breathtaking and reminded me of the beauty of the coast in Falmouth. My heart started to reminisce so many precious memories and felt like it took one long breath as I gazed across the expanse of water.




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