Creative Miracle!

One of the biggest dreams I had before coming to Bethel was to see someone healed from a piece of my art. I have heard many stories and testimonies of healing that people have experienced, and could only dream of something like that happening first hand.

This weekend I attended an “art intensive” workshop where we did portraits in the morning in acrylic. I did mine free hand and really enjoyed doing portraiture again.




Then in the afternoon we got a chance to do some abstract pieces and were again taught some new techniques with the watercolours.
After we had finished we each got to show our table our paintings and everyone else got to prophesy and share what they saw in our painting.

One woman shared that she saw a backbone in one of my paintings. Just as she said the word “backbone” I heard Jesus say to me “I want to heal some backs today”.



I felt this so strongly, that once we had all finished sharing there was a chance to share with the wider group about our painting. I went up to share this over the mic about God wanting to heal someone’s back. Once it was my time to share, I briefly explained what had happened and asked if this was relevant for anyone in the room. About ten people stood to their feet wanting their backs to be healed.

I showed them the painting I had done and then secondly shared another one I had done that someone had noticed had a little love heart in the picture. I explained I felt Jesus wanted to replace fear with love in the lives of those standing. I then started to thank God for His ability to heal each person and praised Him as if the miracle was done.  Then just after this, there was a man at the back bending up and down to his toes with a huge smile across his face saying, “I’m healed”. He came to the front to share with us all that his back had been totally healed in that moment! It was such a wild moment of joy!




After this moment we then had to pair off with someone and each paint a picture for the other. I again did a super abstract piece and then reflected the paint onto a fresh piece of paper to see what remained. After I had shared what I felt it meant for this particular woman, we asked her if she had any pain anywhere in her body. She shared her neck was in pain. At this point Theresa Dedman had come over and we then prayed healing over her neck while she looked at the painting and Theresa placed one on the back of her neck. Within seconds she said the pain had completely gone!

Wow! God is GOOOOOOD!




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