Bubbles of Life


They have been a theme.
Child like and playful,
encouraging me to dream.

Each created from breathing deep.
Refreshed in clear water,
before I take a peep.

To go up we have got to go down.
To find our authority is found in the
“overcoming crown”.
The height of a building is grounded
on the depths of its foundations.

The secret Place.
A place of radical transformation.
Step deeper and go down deep.
You’ll never be the same. Trust me!


Bubbles of freedom, so simple and wild.
Bubbles that make one feel like a child.
Chains breaking around you.
Miracles happen too.

Beauty and colour entwined into one.
Adoration and celebration bringing such fun.
A deep laughter is bubbling up now.
Reminding yourself, you’ll make it somehow.
No space for fear while the bubbles float past.
There for a moment, yet not long it lasts.

POP. There goes the bubble and all that it brings.
POP, goes the chains that held back everything.
POP, So simple and so quick.
This is a miracle. It’s not a trick.


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