“Heavenly” Fragrance


This weekend I had the incredible honour of meeting, working with and hearing from fashion designer, Nancy Vuu and model, Miranda Nelson. The weekend was incredibly inspiring and their breakthroughs, miracles, stories and hearts for the fashion world blew me away. Their wisdom and words of life spoke right into my heart and dreams and gave me hope for the dreams I have had since I was small for this industry. I have never really seen many others pioneering in the ways I have envisioned before. Yet that changed this weekend as I heard their hearts to see truth and freedom permeate the pages of magazines such as Vogue and others and to see healing, freedom and redemption revitalise those within fashion and beyond.



Nancy shared her humbling story of being a ‘stay at home mum’ and yet feeling God call her into the industry to restore true kingdom identities to people and impact hearts through her garments. She had never sewed before and yet trusted it was the direction God was taking her so began to see it come to pass. She shared some miracle stories of healing and breakthrough as a result of her collections and the runways she has held. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle and Bazaar magazines and has impacted hearts globally. From such humbling beginnings, Nancy has persevered with a faithful and empowering heart to see God shake the industry from the inside out.

Miranda, a model and revivalist also shared her heart and stories of people experiencing healing backstage and her fiery heart to see people encounter the life changing love of Jesus. Her testimony was so inspiring as she felt called into the modelling industry at an age when most believe their career is over in the industry, yet this was the moment that God catapulted her into it. This took huge courage and faith and yet was one of the biggest eye openers to me that we really cannot restrict God with our timing!

Finally they prayed over our dreams and specific people that shared their dreams corporately. I felt God telling me that He heard my dreams and that my ability to support and champion others in theirs would be the same capacity I would have to receive my own. I was convicted at this point as I remembered how Nancy shared she hadn’t gone into the industry for fame or financial gain but simply to make present the Kingdom of God. This struck me deeply as I realised in heaven there is no competition but only collaboration. We are called to celebrate one another’s successes and to launch each other forward in grace.

Then while planning for the shoot the next day, I went to ask Nancy what role she’d like me to play. She asked me to come early to try some dresses on for her and to model them if some fit! Honoured by her request, I did just that.

DAY 2:

In the morning while trying different dresses on I thought to ask Nancy the name for her collection. She replied saying it was called “Heavenly“. Amazed by this answer I remembered something God had told me just over a week before! – On the way back from LA with a friend, we decided to use some of the journey to ask God some questions on each of our hearts for this coming year. One of the of the questions we asked was: What scent do you want to heighten in me in this season?“. I heard God say my “smell” and that He wanted to show me the power of fragrance and reveal to me my own. I thought to ask Him the name of mine and wrote down what I heard Him say, which was: “Heavenly“. So when I found out that this was the name of her collection I was speechless!

After this, while having my make up done, I had a crowd of women surround me and pointing above my head, remarking that I had a halo! Where the circular light had fallen was directly above my head and so therefore I looked like I had a halo. This confirmed to me the fact that God was trying to tell me that my fragrance is beyond just smell, but can also be through a photograph and what I wear. That I can help reveal the heart of heaven through fashion and photography….




The day was a delight and a wonderful experience as each group of photographers rotated around and shot each of the three models. I started in the forest area with the trees, then to the water’s edge, then to the lion statue and cross and finished by the rock.
One of my favourite moments was resting on the lions head and feeling a shiver down my back in realising that in the same way that I can rest on His mane in silence He stands by me and is always protecting me and looking out for me. It was an extraordinary moment of feeling the peace and presence of heaven over my life and yet the enormous roar of God over every injustice and fear that has held me back from realising the power of purity in the industry such as fashion.

Shortly after this moment I realised the significance of the crowns we would be wearing that afternoon. I decided I wanted a photo in front of the cross as a prophetic picture to show that under the shadow of the cross I am royalty in the eyes of God. He is King, so therefore we are royalty. Looking into the camera and all that stood behind it – (“The Avenue of Nations” – flags lining the road from all different nations) I felt the joy of heaven over every nation and how God crowns His children into His royalty.

What a gift!



I have a big passion for the fashion industry that often surprises me when I get started talking about it! Through my journey in modelling in the past and creating a few garments I have seen my life radically change from the inside out! Quite literally. From discovering the truth about who I am and who I am called to be in front of the lens, I realised how crippling fear and lies can be from allowing me to become the woman I am called to be. It was through facing those lies I found life changing truth that set my heart free. However, after creating, designing and modelling I felt God ask me to lay down my dreams in this area. A little confused about whether I should be in the industry or not, and afraid to let go of my dreams I trusted in God’s heart. Through the process of laying it down I have seen my heart and life experience a depth and height of freedom and wholeness that I never knew existed.

Yet, since being at Bethel and then going on the fashion workshop weekend, I have felt God’s relentless pursuit over my dreams and Him calling me back into the industry again. At first I was stunned that now He would call me back, yet hearing Miranda Nelson’s story and how despite age, she listened to God’s call for her to go into the modelling industry, it gave me a deep courage and ability to trust that God’s timing is NOT my own! He has the perfect seasons for everything and can turn EVERYTHING around in a day. This revelation is simply blowing my mind away.

My time is not the same as God’s.


It is not too late for dreams to come true!





Being fully seen. Fully heard.
Nothing compares. Nothing on earth.
Fully known. Dreaming again.
Breaking boxes. Standing firm.

Seen. My heart fully seen.
The marks, scars, stories.
All the places I’ve been.
Seen. Heard. Known.
Out of which my heart can grow.

Nothing is impossible.
He formed me in the womb.
No mistake. Nothing at all.
For me or for you.

We are unique.
Power found in the words we speak.
Known. Fully known.
Seen beyond the walls.
As those break we see our divine call.

Destiny. A destiny that lies beyond our greatest fears.
Believing truth and having courage so they disappear.
Standing firm in the truth He says about me.
Undone as He sets me free.

He pursues me.
Believes in me and champions my heart.
No going back. This is just the start.
Fully embraced, loved and empowered.
I can stand and know who you are.

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