Ecuador trip

C A S A.  M I S.  S U E Ñ O S

In April I got the chance to visit Ecuador.
A place of healing, and so much more.
A land full of wonder, hope and expectation.
A place full of people who know it is a special nation.

We ministered in the prisons with the girls and the boys.
Also in the red light district and with the unemployed.
The places we went and the people we met.
Were beyond imagination and what we could expect.

Prisoners found new hope as we deposited in their hearts.
Girls found new beauty as we gave them prophetic art.
Children found their smiles as we played with them for hours.
We saw radical healings created with Gods power.

It was a phenomenal time and one I’ll never forget.
As we got behind bars and loved every person we met.
Identity was restored through the simplest memories.
Ecuador thank you. I’d love to come back please!

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