Still Waters

Saturated in water, I see the depths that I can go.
Am I breaking beneath the surface, or just going with the flow?
Is my heart transparent in the feelings that I feel.
Am I brave with my emotions, open, so they can heal?

Do I rest in the promises of My Father who knows me best?
Do I sing in the storm and put my fears to rest?
Do I shut my eyes in wonder and sleep through the storm?
Do I trust in the miraculous and not just the earthly norms?

Will I arise out of my slumber and break past the fears inside?
Sitting in pure love that doesn’t want me to then hide.
Will I remember the moments that my God has miraculously done?
That out of the ashes, His victory has always won.

So I will lift up my eyes and rest in His presence here.
As in surrender I find that there is no space for fear.
Reflection and light start to take their place,
As my spirit starts to rest and focuses on His face.

As I look into His eyes, I see my true reflection staring back.
I’m reminded whose I am and that I can never be in lack.
Royalty to the core, this truth can never change.
His Kingdom is a reality and brings beauty from my pain!

Photographs – Ida Emilie Nyjordet


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