Runway, runway, runway.
Is this the right way?
So many plans that could make my day.
Do I entrust my life into His hands?
Will I trust the one that says “I AM”?

Making a path from an unknown place.
Will I strive, or will I receive His awesome grace?
So many fears blocking my sight.
Then He whispers “let me create it – you’re my delight”




“Let go my dear, believe in the best.
The Runway will be created, with the cross as its crest.”
Taking off, up and on, way up high.
Into the clear, and lit up bright sky.



It’s a Double decker, 747,
Uber modern, seems like a glimpse of heaven!
I’m created to soar and made only with gold.
Just watching and waiting for all to unfold.

Soar soar soar. That’s what I’m made to do.
Eyes forwards and upwards, God my eyes are on you.
Taking off and ready for adventure and fun.
Praying too, that God’s will will be done!



Runway, runway.
That’s the place that He is making
No obstacle will remain,
As the fakes he’s undertaking.

No matter where I’ve been.



Triumphed and believed in, I’m beloved to Him.
This Runway is the place I see he wants me to sing.
Preparation and purpose, a boldness in my feet.
Because pure, beautiful and whole, He has made me complete.

Runway is the sight right before my eyes.
The sky and the rest is all a surprise!



This event was a moment I will never forget. Since a young girl my heart and passion has always been to see God influence the fashion industry. Being a part of the fashion apprenticeship was such an eye opening experience. Despite it being a commitment and time sacrifice I learnt a huge amount and learnt to see God in even the smallest of details. It was also a surprisingly healing time for me.

Throughout the process of making our garments the heart behind it was to work towards the title “FAMILY OF ONE – Presence, Purity, Power”, for the School of Creativity conference (which is attended by people from all over the world). Through the process I learnt to see fashion and fabric as a physical representation of my heart . I had the honour of helping make and design the outfit with the white dress, and blue flower crown and cape.

Despite their being a struggle during the process and moments of wanting to give up, the thing that kept me in it was our teams discussion at the start about the one undeniable feature we wanted the outfit to represent. For me that one thing was it having a theme of “Beauty for Ashes” and a butterfly metamorphosis theme. This had been the story of my year, so as a result really wanted to ensure it was featured.

There was a moment during the process where I felt really defeated and frustrated. I had personally really wanted to create a jumpsuit and after sharing with the larger group that this was my desire, no one else had that as their aim. However, once we had been put into groups I ended up on a team that wanted to make a dress and heard there were two other groups making jumpsuits. Confused by this I felt a little frustrated. However after a chat with my mentor who encouraged me that the idea of the show wasn’t just about the end result but about encapsulating the theme of the “FAMILY OF ONE” throughout the process too. She encouraged me she wanted to see my dreams come true in the design process as well as the end result, so empowered me to look around and choose if I wanted to change group. However, while looking around the work of the others groups, a gentle whisper was speaking inside to me reminding me of the one thing I had said to my group that I wanted to see with our garment. It felt like a little voice of faith and commitment was arising and encouraging me to trust and see if beauty really could come from the ashes of our garment! This moment was a personal pivotal point of beauty. It showed me a fundamental truth: that commitment is powerful and pays off. It was a powerful lesson and realisation that reflected to me the power of “FAMILY” and how it’s actually about choosing each other even when the going gets tough and your visions aren’t turning out how you expected them. I realised that my presence and input was significant and needed in the group and that however much I put in or don’t put in will effect my whole team (family).



Then it came to the runway practises and model training. We had a few run throughs to train up those who hadn’t walked on a runway before. During the training the girl leading it asked each of us to think of one word that we wanted to focus on while we walked down the runway. Then we each took turns to do our practise walk. After doing so those watching had to feed back to the model what they thought the word they were focusing on was. It was extraordinary how many of the models we were able to guess what word they were focusing on was. This was beautiful as it just shows the power of our minds and how what we focus on, we reflect.

After guessing the word we then got to prophesy and encourage each person in what they carry while they walk.

When it was my turn I was amazed to have one girl prophesy over me that she randomly thought about mermaids while I walked and that as a woman I have the gift of connecting both the spirit and the natural together. She also encouraged me that I would be relatable with men and restore purity in their hearts. This was amazing to me, as that was my original heart in wanting to go into the fashion industry, was to restore purity to men’s eyes and women’s hearts and sense of identity.





Then just before the show we had a run through on stage. I was standing backstage and suddenly I felt totally speechless. Looking onto the stage from the side wings I couldn’t believe my eyes. Before coming to California this year I had asked God to bring me to a place where I felt championed and empowered by the church to believe in the dreams God has put inside of me and to trust that they are there for a reason. Up till then I had always felt quite misunderstood by the church and never felt truly supported in my dreams. However here I was, in a church, doing a dress rehearsal for a runway! WOW.

As I was standing there I felt God give me a vision. I saw me walking out onto stage and He was showing me that I am a lion. I saw my presence changing the atmosphere in the place. Then I felt Him say to me,

your presence is like a silent roar… Despite you being silent while walking, people will be able to hear your roar”.

This slightly surprised and confused me and I wasn’t sure if it was just me imagining or really Gods’ voice…



Then after the show a random man came up to me to share something he had felt during the show. He said

“this might sound so strange, but when you walked out onto the runway earlier I had this vision of you as a lion. Then when you turned around, the back of your cape reminded me of a present”.

Amazed, I quickly shared with him the vision God had given me just before the show and how confirming it was that he had just shared this with me. Then I also randomly explained about how God had encouraged me my presence would be like a “silent roar”. At that comment the man’s eyes lit up and rolled up his sleeve to reveal his tattoo. He then explained that the word on his arm had the definition of “silent roar”. I was stunned and incredibly encouraged by this moment, that so many words and pictures had all come together in one moment!



To add to this crazy moment I noticed at the back that this painting was standing there as one of the artists had painted it on stage during the worship in the session just before the runway happened. The crown on the lion was almost exactly like the one I was wearing and the artist had no idea. This was a simply phenomenal confirmation to me about the vision God had given me just before the practise run through!

I love how He is in EVERY little detail. It simply blows me away! Undeniably good.





Runway – Faith Vu photography

Backstage – Emily Parker photography






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