Father & Manhood

There is such a significance to Fatherhood (and manhood).
Today on Father’s Day I’ve been moved again by the fact that Father’s carry such authority in our world today that needs to be used for the good.

Fathers’ and men I want you to know today the power of who you are and what you carry. It’s priceless, it’s significant and it’s vital. We need you to stand tall, to arise and to shine. We need you men.

I just want to fully honour each one of you. The battles you have fought, the relentless pursuit of your dreams, your resilience, your fortitude, your strength (even in weakness), your ability to reach out for help, your protection and your gentleness, your integrity and your perseverance and holding onto hope.

Men you are so needed, so special, so important and so seen. I honour your ability to reach out and share when life gives you lemons. To let the bitterness draw out tears that become the keys that then unlock the very doors you wish to see open. There is so much power and strength in your vulnerability.

In a world that is relentlessly trying to find “freedom”, I truly believe freedom can only be found in the truth. A truth that can sometimes surprise and even convict. A truth that goes to any length to be heard and believed. A truth that loves deeper than any other.

Masculinity is something that has been fought over in our nations and it’s time to reclaim the TRUE definition of it. To surrender the old ways of absent or aggressive manhood. But to embrace the strength of being a man – in all senses of the word “strength”. Strong people are those who build up and don’t tear down, who honour others, see the gold in situations and embrace the most broken in their midst.

As a woman I am so sorry for in any way that we might have tried to suppress you men out of our own pain from suppression. It’s time to see the Fathers and men arise. To fight with women in our own unique ways, in unity. To know that true strength lies in humility, protection, hope, weakness, empowering others and joy. That who you are is fundamental to discover, as behind your greatest fears and insecurities lies the deepest truths about your destiny and what your life carries.

Men you are vital in your family, in your friendships, in your city, in your nation and in the world. Thank you for standing tall. It isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

Thank you.


Poem pause:

Men you play a significant role in the shaping of our nations.
Your humility and heart, carry deep transformation.
The weakness that you hide and are afraid to show,
Is the key that unlocks heritage, beyond what you could know.

Men you are a weapon that carry unshakable peace.
A message to the world that in Him we are made complete.
There is no mistake in you, you’re not unreachable from above.
The answer is not fear, it is an increase of true love.

A love that knows no bounds and seeks after your deepest heart.
A love that mirrors truth and creates a work of art.
A love that it beyond a physical act or view.
A love that sees behind your walls and sees the real you.

So men may you arise into who you’re made to be.
Not afraid of weakness, as strength is found in humility.
But rising from the ashes, your tears will lead you on.
As your presence really matters, you are already seen as “strong”.

There is nothing you have to prove or even simply do.
The greatest gift is revealed when you are simply YOU.
This can be the most powerful and precious gift.
A single step of courage that can make the whole earth shift.

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