Refugee Relationships

During my time in Normandy, France, I had the honour of joining the S.O.S Chai team to serve the local refugees food and resources. We had time to play games, paint, sing, play football and laugh together despite the language barriers. Many came from all over Africa and I could feel the pain in their eyes due to some of the journeys they must have taken to arrive here. Despite it all their energy and exuberance was stunning. They were so appreciative of our presence and slowly tried to make conversation with us.

There were some particular guys that were phenomenal. Their whole faces shone with joy and gratitude and their character and response to our gifts was a testament in itself. I went around giving some of them hand written and chosen letters to give them. One guy asked to write me a message and wrote something in Arabic, which I later got translated. It said “Thank you for all you do for us. We appreciate it. Good luck with your life”.

I most enjoyed playing soccer with the guys as it is the best sport that doesn’t need any language. We had some great laughs and all bonded over it!


Making friendships with refugees seeking homes.
Hungry for freedom, a place to call their own.
Settled and yet still wandering they are seeking for new life.
A hope within their heart for a possibility beyond their sight.



Here they flood to receive a gift of love.
A present of resource that is just about enough.
Their lives are so very simple as they roam around the streets.
Not yet knowing the language this can be quite a fete.



Roar over the injustice, Roar over the pain.
Stop for a moment and pray for God’s rain.
Encountering peace in the middle of the storm.
Surrounded by need and a very different norm.



These men desire freedom, one not given to them at birth.
Men of great persistence, they have travelled across the earth.
Ready for a new adventure and a whole new start.
They are an inspiration of how to keep a soft heart!




Daniel Braeutigam




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