Childlike Breakthrough

One of the days we were led in a workshop run by Jon White, an incredible fine artist. He got us to at first use pastel and small pieces of paper to create with while listening to music. As I drew I realised at the end mine looked like a door. I had punched holes through it too, to symbolise breakthrough on the other side.


This inspired me for the next stage. After this, he took us all outside and asked us to choose from a series of objects that we could paint on. My eyes fell on this door and I knew immediately this was the one I wanted to choose…



I painted it with a friend Annabelle Lee. We went wild and began dripping paint super freely down the door. It was such a satisfying process. During it I was holding a friends baby and I was almost a comforting and eye opening process that our breakthroughs often come when we are free to become like a child!



It was a powerful process and such fun to collaborate. Watching the colour flow down the door was stunning. Towards the end the rain began to fall and almost merged some of the colours together towards the bottom. One of my favourite moments was covering the handle in yellow paint, as a reminder that ‘being yourself’ is the key in life and to opening the door into greater freedom!




Remain childlike and free.
Focus on the task,
Enjoy true liberty.

Take off the old restraints,
That keep you stuck in fear.
Step into creativity
And see what you draw near.



Paint and drip down the colour too.
On paper, floors and doors of breakthrough.
Don’t fear the process or the time.
On the other side awaits what you can call “mine”.





Photography –

Daniel Braeutigam

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