Creating Together: Second Year

After a phenomenal first year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, I have been feeling a call to return for a second year. At the start of last year I felt really strongly that I wanted to invest my savings (like the alabaster jar) that I have saved since I was 12 into the year. It was one of the biggest acts of faith with my finances I have ever made. However this year I have felt Him prompting me to humbly reach out to see if others would like to invest in my year ahead with me. This is not a comfortable thing for me to do at all! I have felt truly humbled by the process and realised how countercultural this is. 

However I really do believe what we invest in allows us to also receive from the breakthroughs we invest into. So I am reaching out to ask if you would like to partner with me this year in faith?

I would love to share a little about why I am going and the testimonies I feel God wanting to expand on in this new year. “Beauty for Ashes” has become my life message and purpose and something that God has spoken over my life in the last 5 years. Isaiah 61:3 was the verse that saved my life in 2015 and restored my hope. After the tragic Carr Fire in Redding last year, I was blown away to acknowledge that God was literally leading me across the ocean to a place of ash and promising me I would see ‘beauty arise’. Throughout the year I saw beautiful miracles happen particularly through creativity. I saw it bring healing to people’s mind, body and spirits.

It had been a dream of mine to see healing happen through art and creativity before going. Below are a few examples of how I saw this in reality, (photographs to match each below):


  1. A man’s back was healed through an abstract and childlike piece of art I painted.
  2. Scarves I made ministered to those struggling with self hatred and self doubt. After dancing out God’s heart over them they felt self hatred and thoughts of death leave and beauty be restored. I also saw these scarves impact people in Ecuador that were in prostitution.
  3. Many men gave their lives to Jesus in an Ecuadorian prison after I was asked to share my testimony, during which I unraveled a 10m piece of artwork I had been working on. This piece symbolised hope and incorporated the testimony of an ex-prisoner I had the honour of interviewing a couple of years before in South Africa. One of the guys was brought to tears.
  4. The “Faces of Redding” portrait gallery was organised to honour and appreciate all those involved in helping within the Carr Fire and I painted one of the men called Carl Ladd. He was moved to tears in response to this.
  5. I was invited to paint at a prophetic art conference in LA as well as on stage at Bethel (these paintings are for sale, also shown below).
  6. As part of a team I created garments in the fashion track I did throughout the year. These were displayed on a runway at the “School of Creativity” at the end of the year. I saw incredible miracles throughout that process and during the show – (eg. provision of sewing machines, materials, as well as seeing my heart healed during the show as I have a huge passion for the modelling and fashion industry and this was the first major time I have felt that I saw church supporting this dream!)
  7. I designed lion tops that many people at Bethel school wanted for themselves. This was amazing for me as I had never imagined that a simple drawing and moment with Jesus would multiply to dress many around me! It ended up being a huge theme for the year in not only my life but many others and showed me that our breakthrough becomes others.


Overall creativity has been an area I have felt God bring a lot of healing to and showed me the variety of ways that He can use to bring healing to me and all those around me. As a result this year I hope to step into creativity in an even bolder and braver fashion and see even more miracles of what God can do through my paintbrush, photographs, fashion, and dance.

I will attach some photos of artwork I am auctioning off too. So please let me know if you are interested in any of those. Otherwise this is my link to my tuition page for my second year at BSSM.

Thank you so much for partnering with me, even if it’s just in prayer!





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