This painting I felt was mainly about purity and God wanting to restore purity. I wanted to paint it after a vision I had had about the power and significance of the purity that our eyes carry.

Eyes are the window to the heart.

A few weeks before I had asked God what others see in my eyes. He showed me an image of white horses running at speed out of my eyes. When I saw them I knew I was on victory’s side. They were stunning and really bright white. As I was preparing to paint a friend prayed for me and prayed the words “may Jessica become unbridled and free to run”. This really touched my heart and something deeply resonated. I felt strongly that the piece I would paint would reflect the importance of freedom.

I was painting on the 5th November and felt that the number 5 was significant too, as it symbolises grace. It has also been a number I seem to be seeing everywhere I go recently!


No chains are around this face.
Captivated by a world of grace
Free to run and free to be.
In my true design, of victory.

Unbridled and free to run.
As purity is the song I’ve sung.
Redemption focuses my eyes again.
Writing my story with a unique pen.

This horse is wild and unpredictable.
Fully seen and truly capable.
Unboxable by the worldly norms.
Made to belong, not made to conform.

Unbridled and free to sing.
As beauty is the gift I bring.
Eyes of healing, filled with simplicity.
Reflecting a heart of courage, fuelled by purity.

No more confusion.
You are born to be wild.

Free to be.
Free to roam.
Free to run.
Free to go”


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