Just Bee – Collaborate don’t Compete

Process Behind this piece

I painted this painting with a close friend of mine. I had the vision of us painting together as a visual act about the power of collaboration and not competition. Collaboration is the act that cancels out a competitive heart. It reveals the beauty that we each bring and how those parts then merge so well together. The process of painting was beautiful. There was a deep sense of trust between my friend and I, and we had a vague vision for the end result, but otherwise we just went wild. It was SO much fun and such an eye opening experience to the joy in collaboration and the significance of each leaning on one another’s strength to make the dream happen.



Cheers to a year of honey.
Being so wildly free.
Undoing and embracing.
Being unashamedly me.

Letting go of fear.
Replacing it with love.
Exploding with every tear.
Miracles from above.

Lavished and adored.
Freedom will then reign.
Deeply reassured.
That He will do it all again.

Through a child like heart
Will unravel a new song.
Masterpiece work of art.
The Father’s house is where I belong.

Hope within the waiting,
Peace within the now.
Trust is found in risk taking.
Faith that God knows “how”.

This is now a new beginning.
Seeing through the Father’s eyes.
Digging up news wells.

To see what is deep inside.

Surrounded by such beauty.
His heart beats within mine.
Seeing oh so clearly.
That the present is divine.






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