Sunshine Made

It was a pure joy last week to partner with a small business called “Sunshine Made” for their jewellery company. It was a stunning day as we headed to Lema Ranch, in Redding. Today on international “small business day” I really wanted to write about this beautiful business that I felt honoured to model for.

Each piece that Priscilla, the founder of Sunshine Made, makes is made from clay and pearls. While I wore her pieces I was reminded of the truth that each of us are like clay, moulded and created into the designs that God uniquely made us to be (2 Corinthians 4:7). Modelling alongside these two other beauties was a phenomenal illustration to me of the power of sisterhood. Collaboration and celebration trumps competition and comparison. True sunshine is found in the presence of championing those around us and allowing their dreams to come true.


Sunshine Made was started by Priscilla Gomez as a platform to explore her creative impulses through her love of fashion, clay and jewellery. She makes every piece by hand and with delicate attention, seeing each piece as a unique manifestation of her love for her craft and the inventive gift the Lord has put in her. Sunshine Made is built on the principle that high value components met with bold creativity can result in pieces of art made to wear on the daily. Each piece is carefully thought out, attentively put together and lovingly delivered to each and every customer. Priscilla’s vision for Sunshine is that each piece of jewellery would bring joy to the everyday life of anyone who chooses to purchase some of her lovely handmade goods.



In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16
This is the mission statement for my business. My goal is that Sunshine Made would be a light in the world and that our Heavenly Father would be glorified through it.



These round earrings were my favourite to wear as circles have always been a powerful picture and reminder to me of the beauty of wholeness. There is something so beautiful about the completeness of the circle shape.  It reminds me of the truth that “I am enough as I am”. I have nothing else to prove and that looking through my Father’s lens is the most liberating perspective to have in life. His view of me is powerfully contagious and brings my heart and mind deep joy and tangible peace.



Sunshine Made, sunshine found.
Dressed in beauty, no longer bound.
Crafted with clay and designs are unique
This collection, lets Promises speak.

Centred and whole,
Complete to the core.
Trusting in the process,
Believing there is more.

Patterned and designed,
With pearls that are divine.
Handmade with love,
Each one is made with Sunshine.




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