Family is Key



Last year I had significant moments when I believed that God was calling me to Hawaii in the near future. I have never been and never expected to go, especially for ministry! However the word “Aloha” kept following me and I knew that there would be a chance to go at some point, but didn’t know how or when it would happen. While this was happening I got a call from my brother, who was in South Africa at the time. He was buzzing, sharing with me that God had been wildly speaking to him about Hawaii and asking if he would go. This was a super strange request in his mind, as he was working with a safe house in Cape Town that empowered men in the midst of gangs to become men of integrity and strength. To give this up to go to Hawaii, to many would seem like an easy answer, yet to him it felt like a sacrifice. As he was sharing with me all the crazy “coincidences”, connections and encounters that he had recently had, I was amazed to realise that this seemed to be his next step! My heart burst as it has always been a deep desire of mine to travel with my family and minster together.



When I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii this year, it ended up being during the exact time that my brother was there. He had just started his YWAM DTS with Fire & Fragrance.

Some friends from home were leading the group he was a part of. The Crawley twins had then met a beautiful girl from Norway, who also had twin brothers who were both in Hawaii this year too.

One night we had a truly special evening around the campfire all together. We realised that we made up three sets of different siblings! The significance of three different families being together in the middle of Hawaii felt more than just a “coincidence” to me and a super special occurrence.  It was a truly unique moment and so sweet to realise the reality of God’s goodness to bring families together from around the world!


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