Kingdom Creativity

For two nights running we led events that all of the base could come to. The first night consisted of prophetic art booths where we could encourage and prophesy through our art to others. We had a line of people waiting to receive a prophetic picture, with many truly encouraged and inspired by the way God can speak through art.

“I think I underestimated how much God can and wants to speak through creativity”

Personally many told me how touched they were by what I gave them, to the point that it was in their favourite colour, words that God had said to them earlier that day, and pictures they had been given by others recently too.




The next night we led a time of equipping and teaching the rest of the YWAM base about supernatural creativity and what exactly that means. It was a beautiful night and ended in a dance party. I had the honour of doing a collaborative piece with two other women on my team during the talk. We danced around each other and added more and more colour to the page. It was the first time I have ever done a live painting with two others at the same time.



After we had finished we shared with the room what we had felt while painting it and shared we felt God wanted to heal particular people through the painting.

  • Eyes
  • Backbones
  • Fertility
  • Voices

After we shared these words we had anyone who related with them to come and look at the painting. Many were partially healed one man’s eyes were completely healed and another man’s back was healed too. It was phenomenal to watch.

One woman shared with us that the painting we had painted was something she had seen in heaven. She had an extraordinary story of drowning when she was two, going to heaven and then coming back to earth. As a result, and since this accident she has vivid memories and visions of what heaven looks like. This was incredible feedback to receive and has always been a dream for me – to paint parts of heaven!



It was stunning throughout the week to see the collaboration between the arts, of dance, spoken word, art, photography and how each flavour of creativity could influence the other.

There is something so powerful and pure about dance that can change atmospheres in such a unique way. I watched as we would dance in different meetings and the joy would flow right in. His presence is caught in the winds of the dancers.





This was a stunning moment I managed to capture, of the light bursting in as this beautiful woman danced over Sylvia, like the movement of a butterfly. It was a moment of transformation and beauty that captivated me in my tracks. This truly is the impact that creativity has on our hearts and souls – it is transformational!

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