Secret Garden – Love Letters

Here within the hidden,
I find a secret place.

Encountered by your presence,
I feel a safe embrace.

Wrapped within your peace,
swarmed by beauty too.

Unexpected moments,
covered in deep blue.



Sweet light and reflections,
catch my eye at first.

Covered in the glory,
colour then outburst.

Hidden in the light,
content within my own.

Held within your sight,
feeling gently known.



Looking up to heaven,
captivated by your eyes.

In awe of your creation,
the unexpected surprises.

Rainbows catching lenses,
refracting out the light.

Colours of every shade,
reflects ones true delight.



Dancing in your freedom,
heaven pouring down.

Rainbow shards unleashing,
a golden nature’s crown.

Blue fabric full of beauty,
light and really airy,

Covered in deep waters,
like that of a princess fairy.



In awe of your creation,
in awe of what surrounds.

Stopping for a moment,
to hear the bird songs resound.

Trees reflecting movement,
swirling in the breeze.
Content and poised forever,
I stand within your ease.



Joy then brings a smile,
deep within my soul,

Looking up to heaven,
I give Him my all.

Nothing can ever stop me,
my heart is won again.

As I remember stories,
of beauty from the pain.



Broken pieces coming back together,
a masterpiece of gold.

Piece by piece, comes a healing,
for the faithful and the bold.

Pottery is found,
in the rivers of deep love.

Noticed for its pattern,
created from above.



Resting in the shadows,
resting on the tree.

Covered by the peace,
I am safe now to dream.

Resting in the hidden,
bringing light from the dark.

Garden of beauty surrounding,
reflecting heaven’s spark.



Peaceful in the presence,
of the brightest light of all.

Spirit now is listening,
to the gentlest whisper call.

Receiving a new story,
one that catapults my dreams.

Into new realms of faith,
no matter how things seem.




Light as a flower,
resting on my back.

As fragile as a petal,
whether yellow or black.

Seen within the light,
the golden glow shines bright.

Caught within my hair,
this precious small delight.



I hear the sounds of heaven,
calling out my name.

All attention stops to hear it,
it breaks off all my shame.

Captured in this moment,
a light of angel wings.

Radiates before me,
as I hear all of nature sing.



Transformed by this moment,
caught within His eyes.

A precious story unfolds,
He tells me we’re His prize.

Nothing stops His presence,
never will He reside.

Met in secret places,
we can never hide.



From dark to light,
I will dance to this new internal beat.

Remembering this place,
where I found peace complete.

I received a dose of heaven,
a love letter from my King.

A message full of beauty,
a song I now will sing.



Thank you

Teegan Egerton– photographs



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