How Great a Love

HOW GREAT A LOVE is a song created and sung by Elijah Garmany, who has a stunning ability to bring the presence of God through every word that he sings. I had the honour of collaborating with him to create his album cover.

I listened to his song over and over again and drew out what I felt while listening. As I was drawing, the shape of mountains and valleys started to form. I could feel the depth to which God had taken him this year. In the depths, God had been crafting a fire within Elijah’s heart. A fire of passion and zealous love for Him.

While painting, a little girl, Grace, told me “Jessica it looks better upside down”. So when I had finished painting I did as she said and believed in her perspective. I felt this was beautifully profound too, that Grace is what turns our perspectives upside down. As I truly believe that this is what Elijah’s song does – flips people’s lenses.

With my colour choice I felt it was significant that it has orange and green. As orange is the colour for courage and green is for new life. Both of which I believe God has done in Elijah and is releasing through this song. God transforms us to then transform others!

“You can only go as high as you can go deep”.


Message to Elijah:

In the depths of pain and heights of glory, those are the peaks and troughs that have created the sound waves for His glory through you. So I really do believe that this is a marking season for you Elijah and one God wants you to remember and have as a milestone for the character, hope and beauty he has crafted in you during this time!

He is truly so so proud of you.

My poem about piece:
Created in the dark, 
Mountains and valleys. 
Hope awakens a spark, 
Down on your knees.

Filled with God’s glory. 

Sparks alight into flame 
He sees your story. 
Of laying down fame.

He’s a constant friend, 

You are a true son. 
He makes amends 
And finishes what He begun.

Arise and shine,

For your light has now come. 
Changing perspectives,
And bringing wild joy and fun.

Depths and heights,

Hopes and dreams. 
Clarity and delights. 
Your songs will set others free. 

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